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News video games 10 June 2021, 12:00

author: Adrian Werner

American Truck Simulator - Multiplayer Open Beta Goes Live

The open beta of Convoy, the multiplayer mode for SCS Software's American Truck Simulator, has launched.

Open beta of the Convoy mulitplayer mode for American Truck Simulator has launched. To take part in it, go to ATSproperties in the Steam client, then the Beta tab, and then select public_beta version 1.41.

It is worth mentioning that the first tests of Convoy started already a few weeks ago as part of an experimental update. The developers did not boast about it publicly, because they wanted to test the mode with a small number of players first. Now this variant of the game has reached the condition which allows for inviting all interested parties to play.

The developers warn that the mode is not yet fully polished. Moreover, it may spoil many mods. Therefore the devs recommend playing on a clean profile, without any modifications.

Currently, Convoy allows for up to eight players to play simultaneously, but in the future the developers want to increase this limit. The person setting up a multiplayer session automatically becomes its administrator. This enables them to control many elements of the game, as well as kick those who cause problems.

In multiplayer, players can work together on assignments that require them to deliver goods to a specified location. The game synchronizes such elements as AI, weather, time, and paint jobs, as well as provides three ways of communication between players (quick replies, text chat, and voice chat, which is stylized as CB radio).

For now, it is not known how long the tests will last. It's worth adding that Convoy will also make its way to Euro Truck Simulator 2, but currently the beta is only available in ATS ..

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