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News video games 10 June 2021, 13:08

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Battlefield 2042 is Three Games in One; DICE Prepares a „Love Letter” to the Fans

Battlefield 2042 will be no small production, despite the lack of a single-player campaign. The new installment will actually offer three distinct experiences, including a mysterious „love letter” to fans of the series.

  1. Multiplayer mode in Battlefield 2042 is - according to the developers (via VG247) - three games in one;
  2. The multiplayer will be divided into three parts: Total War (Conquest and Breakthrough), Danger Zone, and an undisclosed mode that is meant to be DICE's "love letter" to fans of the series.

Battlefield 2042's reveal is behind us and fans finally don't have to rely on leaks to find out anything about the new installment. Aside from the information revealed by Electronic Arts itself, articles from those who attended last week's show have also appeared online. This includes VG247's editorial on the multiplayer mode and, of course, the game's official website.

We know, by the way, that BF 2042 will lack not only a battle royale mode (at least on release), but also a single player campaign. However, this does not mean that we get a production much smaller than the previous installments. On the contrary, according to VG247, Battlefield 2042 is three games ("experiences") in one.

The first component of the game is the so-called Total War, including the modes called Conquest and Breakthrough, which will enable up to 128 players to take part simultaneously (on PC, PS5 and XSX/S) on seven maps. Each of them will take us to a different place on Earth, with the creators trying to add references to the most memorable locations from the history of the franchise. In addition, the larger scale of battles has forced some changes. In Conquest the map will be divided into sectors, which will be conquered by occupying one or more control points present in a given location. There is also talk about so-called clusters (of points?), which - as the name suggests - are to enable the players (and thus the action of the game) to be concentrated in one place. Thanks to this there will be no situation when large battles completely give way to "peaceful walks" and smaller clashes.

Additionally, DICE is working on Danger Zone (which is not, the devs emphasize, a battle royale mode). It's supposed to be a brand new experience for fans of the series, focusing on "close-quarters combat", but we'll learn more about it at a later date. The same goes for the third "experience" in Battlefield 2042, but here we have absolutely no tangible information. It's supposed to be a "love letter" from DICE to fans of the series, but what form it will take, we'll only find out during the EA Play Live presentation in July.

  1. Battlefield 2042 - official website
  2. DICE - official website
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