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News video games 01 June 2021, 10:01

author: Adrian Werner

Epic Games' Giveaway of Among Us has Given the Game a New Life

Among Us giveaway on Epic Games Store proved to be a hit. By making the game available for free, the population of PC gamers playing the title exploded.

Since last Thursday, Epic Games Store gives away the full version of Among Us. It was known that the deal will be a hit, but its popularity probably surprised even the devs, because the number of players on PC increased almost six times.

This information comes from data shared by Victoria Tran from InnerSloth. It shows, that on the 22nd of May Among Us on PC was played by 350,000 people. A week later, on May 29, the number of daily PC players increased to 2 million.

We're comparing numbers from Saturdays (the last one before the giveaway and the first one after it started), as Victoria Tran explains that the player population always increases on weekends, which is also typical for most online games.

It is worth mentioning that new users are not solely responsible for this huge increase. Many of them previously played the mobile F2P version of Among Us. Now they could switch to the PC edition, which is normally a premium product.

Despite this, such a large increase in the number of daily players is extremely impressive and should have a very positive impact on the game's condition. Before the giveaway, it seemed that the game's best period on PC was over. At the hottest moment last Sunday Among Us was played by a little over 19 thousand people on Steam. This is still a very good result, but last year's activity record was 447 thousand people.

If you want to join the fun, we advise you to hurry up. Among Us will remain free on Epic Games Store only until June 3.

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