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News video games 10 November 2021, 16:25

author: Adrian Werner

Among Us Reminds of Itself With Roles & Cosmicubes Patch

The Roles & Cosmicubes update for Among Us has been released. It introduces new roles for players and expands the list of available cosmetic items.

  1. Four new roles: three for the crew, one for the impostor;
  2. New methods of acquiring cosmicubes.

The times of Among Us hype are long behind us, but the game is still played regularly by many people. Such players should be interested in the information, that the game has just received a new update.

The patch is called Roles & Cosmicubes and was marked with the number 2021.11.09 (from the date of its release). It was released simultaneously on PC, Switch and iOS and Android mobile devices. The update introduces four new roles for the players. The scientist can use vitals (a skill that enables you to see which character is alive and which is not) at any time, and by completing quests he recharges his battery. The Engineer can use vents, and the Guardian Angel has the ability to surround the crew with a protective barrier. There's also one new role for the impostor (Shapeshifter), enabling him or her to take on the form of any other crew member.

The update also introduced the so-called Cosmicubes, which enable us to unlock new cosmetic items. Along with their appearance the virtual economy in the game has been rearranged. Now in Among Us we can earn two currencies, for which we buy cosmic cubes and some of the items that make our characters look better. Beans are acquired through gameplay, and the premium currency are stars, purchased in microtransactions.

Cosmicubes are assigned to a specific type of items and we gain them through gameplay after activating the cube. On top of that we have traditional experience points, which are the only thing that enables us to improve our character's abilities (virtual currencies are only used to purchase cosmetic items).

Among Us is currently available on PC, Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android mobile devices. However, the game is also coming to Xbox One/Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 4/5 consoles and will debut on these platforms on December 14 this year.

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