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News video games 10 February 2019, 23:05

author: Jakub Mirowski

Apex Legends Review Are In

One week after the unexpected release of Apex Legends, first reviews of the new game from Respawn Entertainment have started appearing on the web.

Last Monday, Respawn Entertainment surprised us by announcing and immediately releasing its latest game Apex Legends. An additional surprise came in the form of the quality of the new title from the Titanfall universe, because although discouraging rumours about the lack of titans turned out to be true, the game itself provided the players from around the world with a lot of fun - enough to say that just a few hours after the release it was tried out by over a million people, and since then this number has been constantly increasing. Journalists from all over the world share the community’s enthusiasm for Apex Legends. A week after the production's launch, the first reviews began to appear, and their authors are unanimous - Respawn Entertainment has provided a really solid representative of the battle royale genre.

Apex Legends Review Are In - picture #1
Apex Legends is well thought out and polished title – especially for a game you won’t spend a dime on.
Apex Legends Review Are In - picture #2

Excellent results and the reception of Apex Legends are good news for everyone... except Titanfall fans. The spectacular success of the free battle royale made the development of this project the apple Respawn Entertainment’s eye. The developers have confirmed that the third part of the FPS cycle is not currently in the works, and the studio is fully focused on the free spin-off. So we will have to wait a long time for Titanfall 3, assuming it will ever come out.

Selected reviews of Apex Legends:

  1. GamesRadar+ – 5/5
  2. Game Informer – 9.25/10
  3. Gamespot – 9/10
  4. Trusted Reviews – 4.5/5
  5. ScreenRant – 4.5/5
  6. GameZone – 8.5/10
  7. Game Rant – 4/5
  8. Gaming Bolt – 7/10

Most reviewers are delighted with quick-paced and smooth gameplay, associated with both great combat mechanics and rich mobility options. The idea of including elements of hero shooters such as Overwatch in the "traditional" battle royale formula also deserved praise. Many journalists also notice the system of marking locations, opponents, weapons and ammunition, which facilitates communication between team members in a revolutionary way - and which is an invaluable convenience for those who play with randomly selected partners. All these advantages make the term "potential Fortnite killer" appear in surprisingly many reviews. And although it seems to be too early for such strong judgements, it cannot be denied that Apex Legends wasted no time in making a name for itself in the world of battle royale.

Apex Legends Review Are In - picture #3
For now, Apex Legends offers only a single map, but the developers are already promising long-term post-release support for their game.

The only recurring accusations against the new game from Respawn Entertainment are the monetization model and insufficiently rich content. Apex Legends is a free production and as such has a certain amount of microtransactions, mainly in the form of random lootboxes. Money will also be useful if we want to unlock the two additional characters – otherwise amassing the needed amount of virtual currency may prove to be a long and cumbersome process. As far as the content is concerned, the game has eight characters with unique abilities and only one map for the release. Developers have announced, however, that they intend to develop their project over the next several years, so new content should be a matter of time.

For the time being, however, champagne is flowing in Respawn Entertainment HQ – a week is not enough to hail the game as a spectacular success, but Apex Legends is on the right track to achieve it. No wonder, then, that Electronic Arts – the publisher of the game, who wasn't one hundred percent sure of the game – is already planning to implement cross-platform, mobile versions and expansion into the Asian market.

  1. Apex Legends official website

Jakub Mirowski

Jakub Mirowski

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