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News Files and Mods 24 June 2024, 01:27

author: Adrian Werner

Ashes, Free Post-Apocalyptic FPS Masterpiece, Just Received New Story Campaign

A new version of Ashes, the freeware single-player FPS, has been released. The game added a new story campaign, in which we explore a city destroyed by nuclear war.

Source: Ashes Dev Group

2024 is proving to be a great year for post-apocalypse. A few months ago we raved about the Fallout series, and in theaters, we can now enjoy the excellent Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. Now to this list, we can add the new version of the game Ashes, and this is not at all an exaggeration, as this free FPS is a real feast for fans of this type of settings.

Ashes was created as a mod for Doom II. However, the project does not use any graphical elements of this production, so the authors were able to release it as a standalone game running on the GZDoom engine. The project debuted in 2021, and some time later lived to see a second episode and an add-on. Now the latest version of the game has been enhanced with a prequel titled Hard Reset. All of these productions are available as a single entry in the form of Ashes 1.04.

  1. Ashes 2063 - download the game from our FTP (the authors have given us permission to host the mirror)

Ashes is a first-person shooter set in the USA devastated by nuclear war. We take on the role of a Junker who roams the atom-burned and mutant-filled wastelands in search of the treasures of an ancient civilization.

The game combines the fast-paced combat typical of Doom II with realistically designed large maps, more typical of modern FPSs. The authors built all the elements from scratch, opting for a great, slightly cartoonish style. The gameplay is enriched by RPG elements. The latest episode, Hard Reset, offers twelve maps, nine new types of enemies, and seven types of weapons. We will discover all this during a trip to the ruins of the city, where our hero will encounter a long-forgotten enemy.

Overall, Ashes is a real gem and probably the best free single-player FPS available at this moment. It's the type of game that the developers could have easily released as a commercial boomer shooter project and it would have found a sizable number of buyers on Steam.

  1. Mod's official website

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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