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News video games 16 February 2022, 12:02

author: Adrian Werner

Full Version of Baldur's Gate 3 Only in 2023

Unfortunately, there's no chance of Baldur's Gate 3 version 1.0 being released this year. Instead, a huge patch for the early access version of the game has been released.

We have bad news for Baldur's Gate III fans. Everything indicates that, contrary to expectations, the release of the full edition will not take place this year. Positive news is the early version of the game received a new update.

Baldur's Gate 3 version 1.0 with little chance of release this year

Information comes from Eurogamer's interview with Swen Vincke (founder of Larian and creative director of BG3). He stated that the team expects that Baldur's Gate III will leave early access only in 2023.

For now, the developers aren't ready to give an exact release date for version 1.0, but Vincke says the team still needs about a year to get to that point. It is hoped that the debut of the full game will take place in the first half of 2023.

Baldur's Gate III debuted in Steam Early Access on October 6, 2020. The game is currently available only on PC and Google Stadia.

Patch #7 for Baldur's Gate 3 has been released

From more positive news we should mention that Patch #7 was released for Baldur's Gate III. This is a massive update (weighs 32 GB!) with several hundred changes and new features. The most important are:

New class (Barbarian)

Added the Barbarian class with two subclasses:

  1. Berserker
  2. Wildheart

Interface improvements

Improved user interface. Changes included:

  1. A new shortcut bar;
  2. Completely redesigned character sheet and party panel, which can be freely moved around the screen;
  3. Weapons, items, and skills can now be searched using expanded filters;
  4. Turn order interface - now displayed at the top of the screen and scrollable;
  5. The minimap window, which is now circular.

Changes in weapons and combat

There have been some new developments with regard to weapons and combat:

  1. Throwable weapons have been introduced (e.g. daggers, javelins, axes or spears);
  2. Improvised weapons have been added - you can attack enemies using e.g. furniture, animals or other characters (e.g. by throwing them at the enemies);
  3. The game world has been enriched with 24 new magic items.

More interesting exploration and stealth

Exploration of the world and sneaking system have been made more attractive:

  1. A new system called "Room Portal" was introduced, which hides details of characters and objects in closed or unexplored rooms, thus increasing the tension during exploration;
  2. The ability to hide from NPCs now depends on how dark the area is.

Audiovisual Improvements

The game now looks and sounds better:

  1. New music tracks have been added;
  2. Over 400 new animations have been implemented, including spellcasting animations for each relevant class;
  3. Improved animations and camera work in nearly 700 scenes.

Larian not for sale and not interested in NFTs

Finally, it is worth mentioning that in the interview with Eurogamer, Swen Vincke stated that Larian wants to remain an independent studio and is not looking for a buyer. Moreover, the team has no plans to use the NFT technology in their games.

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