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New Star Wars Adventure; SWTOR - Legacy of The Sith Launches [UPDATED]

Piotr Sadowski, 15 February 2022, 19:45

After a slight delay, we've seen the release of Legacy of the Sith, the next expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

BioShock Will Get a Netflix Adaptation

Agnes Adamus, 15 February 2022, 19:42

Netflix announced that it has partnered with 2K and Take-Two Interactive to create a movie adaptation of the BioShock series.

Lost Ark Players Spam in Chat to Deal More Damage

Michal Ciezadlik, 15 February 2022, 19:30

One of the Lost Ark players has discovered an unusual way to increase inflicted damage. In order to make attacks more effective you need to... spam in the chat.

Xbox and PC Game Pass For End of February; Total War: Warhammer 3 and More

Michael Zegar, 15 February 2022, 19:25

New games will soon be added to Game Pass, including Total War: Warhammer III and Alice: Madness Returns. It is worth reminding that these are the last days to try out the first part of Titanfall.

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.5, PS5 and XSX/S Version and Trial Available

Agnes Adamus, 15 February 2022, 19:11

Today, a stream was held to discuss what's new for Cyberpunk 2077 in patch 1.5, as well as how the game looks like on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 consoles. It was also announced that all these things are available as of now.

Elden Ring's Final System Requirements Revealed

Hubert Sledziewski, 15 February 2022, 16:12

FromSoftware has announced the official system requirements for the PC version of Elden Ring. Official, I guess - because they coincide with the ones we wrote about on Friday, which were later removed.

Kao the Kangaroo Kao Devs are Planning More Games

Sonia Selerska, 15 February 2022, 14:53

In an interview with, members of Tate Multimedia shared their plans for resurrecting the series. Reboot of one of the games is supposed to be just the beginning of a new chapter for Kao.

Aloy's Peach Fuzz Shocked Some Players

Adrian Werner, 15 February 2022, 13:40

Aloy's model in Horizon: Forbidden West on PlayStation 5 is so detailed that you can even see tiny hairs on her face. Not everyone likes this.

System Shock Remake Playable From Start to Finish; Devs Report Progress

Dawid Wanat, 15 February 2022, 13:21

The long-awaited remake of System Shock is getting closer. The developers have announced that the title is playable from start to finish. Currently, the studio is polishing the game.

The Invincible Now in Beta Phase

Adrian Werner, 15 February 2022, 13:08

Work on The Invincible, a sci-fi game based on a work by famous novel writer Stanislaw Lem, is proceeding smoothly. The developers have announced that the project has left the alpha phase and is currently in beta.

Terraria Devs Will Release New Patch as Thank You for Steam Award

Adrian Werner, 15 February 2022, 12:39

The next update for Terraria is coming. Patch 1.4.4 will introduce balance changes, make gameplay more enjoyable, and add new items.

Here's Artwork to Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Tomb Raider

Dawid Wanat, 15 February 2022, 11:37

It is 25 years since we played the first installment of Tomb Raider. Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix decided to celebrate this anniversary and give fans the opportunity to buy fifteen graphics from the games. All proceeds from the action will be donated to the Girls Make Games organization.

Children of Morta Update Adds Online Co-op

Adrian Werner, 15 February 2022, 11:34

The patch enriching Children of Morta with online co-op mode has been released. Fow now the mode is available only on PC.