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News video games 11 September 2023, 13:58

author: Adrian Werner

Bannerlord in Warhammer Universe; And It Already Works

A fan project called The Old Realms, which brings Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord to the Warhammer universe, is developing beautifully. Among other things, the new version has added text adventures.

Source: The Old Realms Team

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord's modding scene is developing at an impressive pace. A number of major projects have finally begun to enter the stage when they are suitable for play not just according to the most dedicated fans. Today we want to draw your attention to one such mod in the form of The Old Realms.

The project moves the action from the land of Calradia to the Old World, that is, the setting of Warhammer.

  1. The action of the mod takes place in the period of Karl Franz's rise to the throne as the Emperor of Mankind.
  2. The mod changes practically everything - we get new locations, models and textures.
  3. The gameplay mechanics have also been thoroughly reworked to better reflect the Warhammer universe by adding, among other things, magic and the ability to play as, for example, vampires or necromancers.

Currently the mod has reached version 0.3.5, which was released earlier this month. The authors still have a lot of work ahead of them before the project is complete, but at this stage of development it is already so polished and full of content that it can be safely recommended to all Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord players. This is well demonstrated by the video by ReformistTM channel, which you can watch above.

On top of that, the project is rapidly developing. One of the recently added novelties is the strengthening of RPG elements by implementing text adventures. During our travels, we will often come across such events, where we have to make difficult decisions and then deal with their consequences. Version 0.3.5 also added new cities, castles and villages - for both the Empire and Bretonia - and two new character classes.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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