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News video games 17 January 2023, 13:12

author: Adam Adamczyk

BDO - On the Last Page Guide

In the On The Last Page of the Exchange Journal quest in BDO, you need to solve a certain puzzle. In this guide you will learn how to complete this quest.

Black Desert Online is a popular MMORPG that is praised, among other things, for its large and colorful world, enjoyable gameplay and many quests to complete. Some quests in BDO require solving a puzzle, and some of them do not explicitly tell you where to look for key information. Such is the case with the On The Last Page of the Exchange Journal quest.. In this guide you will learn how to solve this puzzle.

BDO - On The Last Page of the Exchange Journal

The described task is assigned to us by Tulid, who is located in Tulid's Cave. To complete it, you need to decipher the riddle in the sealed journal, and then type the answer directly in the global chat window. When doing the quest, you need to enter the number of stars corresponding to our character's horoscope, which can be found by opening character profiles.

The correct answers for each zodiac sign are:

  1. Boat, Tree, Camel, Treant Owl - 4
  2. Elephant, Sealing Stone, Wagon - 5
  3. Hammer, Shield, Goblin - 6
  4. Black Dragon - 7
  5. Giant - 8

Some players have trouble reading the stars on the zodiac signs because their number does not match the one the game requires. If you see a different result for your character and it turns out to be wrong, enter the value from the list above. After meeting the first requirement of the quest, you just need to read the journal, after which the quest will be completed.

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