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News video games 16 January 2023, 11:57

author: Adam Adamczyk

Maegu Release Date in BDO

A new character named Maegu will soon join BDO. When might this happen and how can she be seen before her official debut?

There are many interesting MMORPGs on the gaming market, including the increasingly popular Black Desert Online. The title created by Pearl Abyss is continuously supported and regularly receives events introducing additional content. Currently, players are eagerly waiting for a new character - Maegu, and in this guide you will find out when she may debut in the game.

BDO Maegu release date

Recently, the developers of Black Desert Online have announced that a new character - Maegu - will be coming to the game. According to the information announced by Pearl Abyss she is expected to be made available to players in January, this year.

As of today, January 16, 2023, Maegu is not yet in the game, but it is very possible, that players will have access to the character from either January 18 or January 25 .. That's when two final technical breaks of the month will take place, and it will be a great opportunity for the developers to introduce Maegu to BDO. It is possible that Maegu will be added to the game later this week during the current event.

BDO get to know Maegu before official introduction

However, impatient players have the opportunity to get to know Maegu and see her before her official introduction to the game. This connects to the event we recently mentioned.

During the event, go to the town of Velia and find an NPC named Dongbaek and hand her the Fox Spirit, which can be obtained for logging into the game every day. She will give you Fox Cub, which should be raised with Fox Orbs available for performing daily tasks.

Then the Fox Cub will grow more tails. When we strengthen it to the maximum and it turns into a Mystical Nine-Tailed Fox, we can take it to Dongaek and get a Fox Mask and a Maegu Scroll as rewards.. Using the scroll, we will be able to see Maegu before her official debut in the game.

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