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News guides 22 April 2024, 02:30

Bellwright - Multiplayer and Coop Explained

If you would like to ask your friends for help with building a settlement and creating an army in Bellwright, coop and multiplayer are necessary to make it happen. Let's explore if this game will have those components.

Source: Bellwright, Developer: Donkey Crew

Games set in medieval times are getting more and more popular lately. While everyone is waiting for Manor Lords or excited about second part of Henry’s adventures in recently announced Kingdom Come: Deliverance II, there is another charming title that we shouldn’t forget about. Bellwright promises to take the survival formula that is loved by many and connect it more tightly with action RPG and even strategy elements, where a player will be able to command an army similarly to Mount and Blade. Even though the production is set to start with a lone wolf who escapes the law, eventually they will build their own village and an army. This is obviously not a one-man’s job. Let’s see if you’ll be able to bring your friends together in coop or battle them in multiplayer mode.

Coop and multiplayer in Bellwright explained

The main plot of Bellwright centres around a fugitive, who was framed into a murder of a prince. Now, the player’s role is to impersonate that poor person and survive in the wilds. As initially the main goal will be to simply not die, later on the task will broaden as far as to creating your own settlement, and that’s obviously not an easy task to do alone. Well, having a possibility to bring friends in coop mode would definitely help. Also, a great question is will you be able to stab them in their back when the time comes in multiplayer pvp?

The developers from Donkey Crew studio noticed that having such a responsible task as rebellion against a ruler is a job that requires more than only one folk. So yes, the game features online cooperation mode. However, when it comes to multiplayer in the form of player-versus-player action, there are no plans for it. That being said, the creators do not rule out pvp completely, as they have stated that if there are a lot of requests from fans, they will reconsider such possibility.

If you think that challenging other players to a duel in this game is a great idea, there is no better time to share your feedback with the developers, as the game will be entering Early Access program on Steam first. Depending on the fans’ response, the Donkey Crew will be shaping their creation. If you want to share your voice, you can visit Bellwright’s official discord server, where you can engage in a conversation with its authors.

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