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News video games 08 December 2019, 22:10

author: Michael Kulakowski

Black Mesa Beta Debuts With Complete Half-Life Campaign

After many years of waiting, the complete beta version of Black Mesa, fan-made remake of the original Half-Life, was released online. Thanks to it, the players can finally complete the entire campaign of the title. The release of the full version is planned for the beginning of next year.

Black Mesa is probably one of the longest existing large fan projects related to video games. The beginnings of this ambitious project go back to the middle of the previous decade, and its creators set themselves the goal of creating a complete remake of the original Half-Life from scratch. After many years of waiting, Crowbar Collective team has just announced that the title has just entered its final testing phase and its latest beta version finally offers the opportunity to complete the full story campaign. It contains all the final chapters of Half-Life, including those played out in the Xen dimension, the arrival of which has been postponed many times for various reasons.

In the newest beta we can complete all levels of Xen dimension for the first time.

In addition to completing Gordon Freeman's first adventure, the new beta introduces a number of technical fixes and patches to improve the game performance and remove minor errors or omissions. Details about them can be found here. In order to play the beta, we must own Black Mesa on Steam and choose in the game options to access the trial version of the game in the client. The commercial edition of Black Messa appeared on Steam in 2015 and has been developed since then in the early access program. According to the developers' plans, the final version of the title is expected to be released at the beginning of next year.

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