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Blasphemous 2 - Regula Wakthrough; Can You Save her?

Many characters in Blasphemous 2 require your assistance. One of them is Regula, who guards falling chapel entrance. Can you save her? How to complete her quest? Here you will find answers.

Source: Blasphemous 2, Developer: The Game Kitchen

Blasphemous 2 has distinct climate and aesthetics that makes it stand out among other metroidvania titles. The land of Cvstodia is filled in with apocalyptic visions of medieval, religion driven, and gory world. Not only the surrounding is filled with darkness and despair, but these circumstances have also taken their toll on dwellers of this realm, too. Malformed enemies roam the unwelcoming domain, but there are characters who sometimes seek something else than your demise. You can find grotesque NPCs who look for your help. One of those is called Regula. What does she want? Can you save her? Let’s find out.

Who is Regula in Blasphemous 2

In Labyrinth of Tides, there is a statue-looking NPC called Regula. She warns you about stepping further, as the chapel she guards is about to crumble. She is holding up the falling gateway like the mythical Atlas. Like many characters in Blasphemous 2, she is atoning for her sins.

Blasphemous 2 - Regula Wakthrough; Can You Save her? - picture #1
Regula’s location is to the west of the location showed on the map. Developer: The Game Kitchen

Regula’s quest walkthrough

Regula noticed that there had been another passage opened to the place that she wardens. Go to the large room west of her location. In order to get there, slide under a rock and continue forward. Finally, destroy a rock pillar to enter the chapel she guards.

Blasphemous 2 - Regula Wakthrough; Can You Save her? - picture #2
Pillar before the Regula’s chapel. Developer: The Game Kitchen

While there, you will see an altar and Regula’s legs under the gate that has finally crumbled on her. Get back to the place where you spoke with her the first time and after speaking with her, she will give you Regula’s Cloth.

Once again, head back to the chapel she guarded and interact with the maiden’s altar. This will put Regula’s Cloth on the faceless statue’s face and after a short dialog it will end the quest providing you with Remembrance of Regula.

Blasphemous 2 - Regula Wakthrough; Can You Save her? - picture #3
The Maiden altar with Regulas cloth. Developer: The Game Kitchen

Can Regula be saved in Blasphemous 2

Unfortunately, as part of her quest and to receive forgiveness for her sins, Regula cannot be saved. She is doomed to be crushed under the gateway to the chapel she protects. You can be at rest though, as The Woman of the Stolen Face absolves her vice.

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