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News guides 29 August 2023, 16:41

author: Agnes Adamus

Blasphemous 2 - Check List of all Resonances; Learn How to Create the Best Ones

In Blasphemous 2 you can enhance your power with Resonances. In this guide you'll learn which are the best and where to find their full list.

Source: Blasphemous 2, developer: The Game Kitchen

Blasphemous 2 is a 2D platform game that draws inspiration from titles like Souls. This means that it features a high level of difficulty. Fortunately, battles can be made easier with the use of Resonances. This guide will tell you which Resonances are the best and where you can find a full list of them.

What are Resonances in Blasphemous 2

In the course of the adventure you will come across an Altarpiece of Favours. You can place up to two statues in it. The right combination of statues will give you a Favour. Resonances, which are passive bonuses that activate when you perform certain actions. For example, by doing dodges you can inflict additional damage.

The best Resonances in Blasphemous 2 listed

In Blasphemous 2 you will find a total of 20 special Resonances. Their full list of them is available in a document compiled by Reddit user ImSkuLLx. Below, on the other hand, you will find the 5 best combinations, in our opinion.

Liquid Faith

To create Liquid Faith you need The Scribe and Nacimiento. It causes Fervour to be restored after drinking Bile Flask.

Briar and Thorn

Briar and Thorn is created by combining The Pillager and The Alchemist. The principle of this Resonance is simple. If you perform a dodge, a thorn barrier will appear around your character, which deals damage to nearby enemies.

Storm Steps

Making Storm Steps will require you to combine the following. The Pillager and The Tempest. It causes lightning bolts to form when you perform dodges, dealing damage to enemies.


You will get Deflagration by combining The Anointed One and The Purified One .. It causes a fiery explosion to appear on some Veredicto hits, dealing additional damage.


Stormrage is created by combining The Veteran One and The Tempest. When hitting Sarmiento and Cantella, there is a chance that lightning will appear, dealing extra damage.

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