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How to Break The Maiden in Blasphemous 2

Blasphemous 2 introduced Altarpiece of Favours system. There is one unique figure, The Maiden, that can be upgraded through breaking it. Here you will learn more.

Source: Blasphemous II, Developer: The Game Kitchen

Looking like a mix of Dark Souls and Castlevania, set in times similar to Spanish Inquisition, comes Blasphemous. In the dark world of Cvstodia, The Penitent One faces forces taking over the land. The game proved to be successful and captivating enough to receive a sequel simply named Blasphemous 2. Just as in the first part, it is dark and ambiguous, not only when it comes to story, but also to game mechanics. If you have found a Maiden figurine on your way through the rotten and twisted world, you might have noticed that it can be broken, but that’s not the whole story. Keep reading to explore more about this mysterious object.

How to break The Maiden altarpiece in Blasphemous 2

Blasphemous 2 features a new mechanic of Altairpiece of Favours. It allows you to use figures that alter The Penitent One’s traits. There is a specific figurine that can break – The Maiden.

The Maiden can be obtained from an NPC covered in honey in Choir of Thrones. This character is crucial for your progression with the figure. Despite many players’ belief, the figure does not break by The Penitent One dying in a specific way, getting hit by enemies or anything in that fashion. In order for the statue to fracture it is necessary to kill foes with the altarpiece equipped. It is unclear though how many opponents have to perish in order for The Maiden to be broken, it can be around 40 monsters, but the exact number is uncertain.

How to Break The Maiden in Blasphemous 2 - picture #1
Honey overflowing NPC in Blasphemous 2 giving The Maiden altarpiece. Developer: The Game Kitchen

Each time the figurine is broken, get back to Choir of Thrones, to the bee-liking individual that handed you the statue. He will mend it with honey and give it back to you with stronger effect. After doing that three times, The Maiden will become The Unwavering One altarpiece that will have empowered effect of up to 10% critical hit chance.

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