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News video games 31 May 2023, 14:04

author: Maciej Gaffke

Blizzard Continues to Convince Players That Diablo 4's Launch Will be Smooth

Blizzard assures that it is prepared for the upcoming launch of Diablo 4. The game's director, however, cautions that there may be initial problems.

Starting today, players can download the highly anticipated Diablo IV, and in the meantime Blizzard is convincing that it is fully prepared to welcome fans to the game's servers. Recall that the studio has already assured of this two weeks ago. An additional open beta, which took place in mid-May under the name of Server Slam, was supposed to help developers prepare for the official opening of Sanctuary.

Blizzard prepared for Diablo 4 launch

After the recent controversial Q&A, Rod Fergusson, director of Diablo 4, gave an interview to GamesRadar, where he assured that important information was obtained after the tests to help maintain adequate server performance. He points out, however, that at the time of release minor problems may arise, so "never say never".

"We have learned a lot from every test we have conducted. We feel more confident because of it," said Rod Fergusson, game director.

Diablo 4 like a theme park

During the interview Ferusson compared the tests and the release of Diablo IV to an amusement park. If a million people were to enter it on opening day, it's obvious that not everyone would fit in and catch the attractions right away, but with a few adjustments it should work.

"If a million people wanted to go inside at once, you wouldn't be able to fit them all in, no matter how big the facility is. Yes, the moment of the game's launch is really like the opening of an amusement park. Eventually, though, you'll get to the point where you can let a huge group of people into your park," Fergusson conveyed.

Those who bought Diablo IV in Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Edition, will start the adventure on June 2, when early access begins. Other players must wait until June 6 to raise hell.

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Maciej Gaffke

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