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News video games 31 August 2019, 22:00

author: Paul Wozniak

Borderlands 3 - New Info on Endgame and Post-release Support

The devs of Borderlands 3 provided the world with information about what awaits the players after the end of the story campaign. In addition, we also learned a bit about the updates and add-ons that will appear after the game's release.

After the completion of the Borderlands 3 story campaign, the players will still have their hands full.

2K Games and Gearbox Software have just announced what content awaits the players in Borderlands 3 after they complete the story campaign. The game will feature True Vault Hunter mode (new game plus), Guardian Rank achievement system (similar to the Badass Rank in the second installment) and a new Mayhem mode. Additionally, we found out what plans the developers have for releasing add-ons and updates after the game's release.

Guardian Rank

Guardian Rank in Borderlands 3

Completion of the main campaign unlocks a key element of the game Guardian Rank achievement system. It is based on Baddass Rank known from the second installment and its idea is the same - a stat boost for all of the player's characters.

After filling up the experience bar, we will unlock Guardian Tokens, which will allow us to strengthen one of the six random statistics (a total of 17 will be divided into three categories). Each time you invest a specific number of Tokens in a given category, you will be able to choose an additional bonus, which may include passive skills, but also weapons and cosmetic items. Unlocking them is going to require a serious dedication, but the devs promise that rewards are going to be felt immediately.

True Vault Hunter Mode

True Vault Hunter mode is nothing more than the new game plus mode known from other games. In it, enemies will be tougher and loot will be much better. Mission progress will be unique to normal and True Vault Hunter modes, but statistics and equipment will be shared.

Mayhem Mode

Mayhem Mode in Borderlands 3

A complete novelty will be the Mayhem mode. Once the campaign is completed, a mysterious terminal is activated aboard Sanctuary III to enable access to the three Mayhem difficulty modes. Launching one of them will change the gameplay in all worlds. Enemies will receive increased health, shields and armor, and the player will have the chance to earn more money, Eridium, experience and much better loot.

On top of that, Mayhem will make every planet we visit contain a random modifier, which is supposed to make the game more difficult. For example, the Savage modifier will increase damage from enemy weapons, while You're Wizard will reduce damage dealt by players with ordinary projectiles, but increase damage from elements. Modifications will be visible on the map screen.

The devs warn, that activating the third mode of Mayhem after the first playthrough is a suicide. Instead, they recommend starting the adventure with the first mode and quietly gaining experience and equipment. However, it is worth noting that the ability to activate the Mayhem mode in True Vault Hunter will be locked until the story campaign is completed again (even though it was already completed once in normal mode).

New content and DLC

Updates and DLC to Borderlands 3

As if there wasn't enough for you, the developers have already announced two updates and the first DLC, which will be released this year. The first event will most likely appear on Halloween and will introduce spooky activities and prizes associated with them into the game. The second one will provide a number of novelties, including a map, enemies and bosses. Both will be available completely free of charge.

The announced add-on (for free for season pass owners) will introduce a new character to the game. However, we have not yet learned more about it. The devs also assure us that this is just a foretaste of what awaits us in Borderlands 3 in 2020.

Borderlands 3 will be released on September 13, 2019 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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