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News video games 06 July 2022, 15:39

author: Michal Ciezadlik

Brothers Spent Years Building Railroad in Mineraft

We have another example of an impressive construction that was created in Minecraft. This time it's a railroad track with a length of 30,000 blocks. The creators admit that it took them years to build it.

Minecraft has accustomed us to being an excellent field for materializing player creativity. Over the years the community has provided evidence in the form of nice, sometimes monumental, and sometimes simply interesting projects created in the block world.

Nevertheless, new constructions are being created all the time, reinforcing the belief that there are no barriers for Minecraft players. An example of one of them is the work by Any_Pudding1541, who shared the result of his work on Reddit.

The player, together with his brother, created a railroad track of impressive length. And this in an unfavorable environment.

"It took years to build."

The rail route stretches for a length of thirty thousand blocks, and with its help it is possible to travel a considerable distance. The author's attempt to cover this distance is shown in the video at eight times the speed, and it still takes almost 8 minutes (that is, it takes about an hour to cover the entire route in the game).

Worth noting is the fact that the brothers created the route while playing in survival mode, so they were constantly exposed to various injuries - whether from the environment or from mobs.

As the author himself admits, it took "years" to complete the construction, which seems not exaggerated - painstakingly mining iron and turning it into rails is certainly not an activity that could take a short time with such a long route.

One commenter - Reddit user dTreci - calculated (although, by his own admission, his calculations are only a scientific guess) that such construction, assuming maximum efficiency, could have taken about 8 months (assuming optimal time spent sleeping and resting).

Finally, he added:

"Now I think OP is simply a masochist and actually did it for years, because he said the server was in use for years."

There is no denying that this railroad was created from the blood and sweat of the two players involved in the construction. Perhaps calling it masochism is an exaggeration, but the persistence for such a difficult project is admirable.

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