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Essays 09 June 2022, 13:26

author: Radek Wacha

Gamepressure's Favorite Minecraft Mods 2022

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time, so it's hardly surprising that it's getting thousands of mods. So, we chose the most interesting modifications for Minecraft to spare you some time searching for them.

Minecraft's popularity is still immense. It also doesn't seem the title should disappear from our disks – the production is constantly being supported and has reached all of the most popular platforms (including mobile). You might seem the success of the game is due to constant development, but there are more reasons behind it. One of key elements of Minecraft is the incredibly rich modding community that even Skyrim could not be ashamed of. Even the core game alone offers lots of fun and possibilities, but the mods can take the boxy adventure to a new level.

There's something for everyone among the modifications for Minecraft. Redstone mechanisms got too simple? No problem, mods will add power-generation systems based on coal or even nuclear power plants, and you will use the accumulated resources to smelt ores faster and more efficiently. Maybe the exploration is becoming boring? New (and often dangerous) creatures, previously unknown biomes or magic and RPG character classes come to the rescue.

In this article, we list the best mods to Minecraft, including some for tech freaks, as well as for all of you who are into survival and travels. Then, there are more down-to-earth mods like comfy furniture packs or tasty dishes prepared from new plants. There's also room for mod packs that completely change the entire Minecraft.

Update June 2022

We’ve added several new Minecraft mods – smaller and bigger ones, including mod packs that make significant changes to the game.

How to install Minecraft mods?

You will have to start by installing Minecraft Forge – a tool necessary for the correct operation of mods. The built-in installer wizard will do all the work for you, but remember to choose the correct version (so that it matches your Minecraft version). Then, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the chosen mod (see below for the list of the best mods).
  2. Go to the main game directory – drive C:/(your username)/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft. You can instantly enter the Roaming folder by inputing %appdata% in the system search engine.
  3. Now locate the mods folder – if it doesn't exist, you can create it.
  4. Copy the mod file into this folder (as.zip or.jar files).

That's it – once you launch Minecraft, the mods should should be operating. Note – if you plan to install several mods, we recommend installing one at a time. After copying one modification into the mods folder, try to launch the game – this can help you keep track of which mods might be causing problems or conflicts.

It is much more convenient to use mod packs, i.e. collections of up to several hundred modifications. With a few clicks, Minecraft can be changed almost completely and without worrying about manual installation and compatibility of the mods – the authors took care of all that. To install mod packs, you need the launcher, i.e. a separate app for managing the game version and uploading mods. We can recommend CurseForge app, as it's connected to one of the largest databases of Minecraft modifications.

The best mod packs for Minecraft

Minecraft modpacks are the most accessible form of mods for the game. The creators of the best packs carefully select the mods and make absolutely sure that they're compatible with each other. Mod packs often come in themes – some focus on combat and travel, and others on creating complex machines, or on expeditions into the galaxy.

RLCraft – where anything can kill you

The RLCraft package redefines survival in Minecraft. The highest difficulty level in the core game becomes a breeze compared to this baby. Apart from new, deadly creatures – the lack of access to water is a threat, and it will be difficult without proper heating. Even fetching wood (especially at the beginning of the game) can be a challenge, because it's impossible to cut down a tree bare hands (duh). On top of that, food no longer will replenish lost HP, and only special items have healing properties. Are you ready?

  1. Download the RLCraft pack.
  2. Minecraft version: 1.12.2 (as of June 2022)

Engineer's Life – era after era

The Engineer's Life pack is the perfect offering for people who have no experience with technical mods for Minecraft. The author has prepared a special system that guides players through the new content. The mod focuses on various energy sources and processing of different resources, but thanks to the provided hints (included in the mini-tasks) and the division into eras, the content isn't overwhelming, and it's explained step by step. In other words, you will start with a coal stove and end up with digital item transferring.

  1. Download the Engineer's Life pack.
  2. Minecraft version: 1.12.2 (as of June 2022)

The Pixelmon Modpack – have them all already?

The name says it all. The Pixelmon Modpack fills the world of Minecraft with (probably) all known Pokemons. Of course, this is not just about introducing new creature models into the game. The gameplay is based on the catching Pokemons and then training them. Proper training and expanding their statistics is important because at the beginning of the game, there will be some combat – in a classic, turn-based form. You can start the game with one pokemon (you will make your choice after creating the world), but over time, your collection will definitely grow.

  1. Download The Pixelmon Mod pack.
  2. Minecraft version: 1.12.2 (as of June 2022)

SkyFactory 4 – minimalism required

You're probably wondering what the picture above shows. In the SkyFactory 4 pack, the top of a levitating tree is your only field of operations. As you can guess, obtaining basic raw materials and building any structures is a real challenge. However, it's possible (the book available in the inventory comes to the rescue), and then proper development of the land gives incredible satisfaction. In particular, when we get to the point, where automation of many activities becomes available.

  1. Download SkyFactory 4 package.
  2. Minecraft version: 1.12.2 (as of June 2022)

Life in the village 2 – idyllic life

Ok, what if we don't want to completely remake Minecraft, but only expand its best parts? In this case, the Life in the village 2 modpack will be perfect. The main change here is the increased amount of interactions with NPCs. The system of giving orders and roles (builder, farmer, ranger or alchemist) will allow you to build an efficient village – and with a little effort, even a large city. There's also some new furniture, an improved fishing system and bee farms.

  1. Download the Life in the Village 2 pack.
  2. Minecraft version: 1.16.5 (as of June 2022)

The best small mods for Minecraft

The list of the best mods for Minecraft cannot only include big and complex mods. We cannot imagine the game without the smaller improvements – new types of chests, maps with a compass, or additional options in the inventory view.

Just Enough Items (JEI) – recipes on request

The Just Enough Items (JEI) mod greatly facilitates browsing of the inventory. Most importantly it allows you to see a list of all available items along with recipes (this also applies to new items from other mods). This is especially useful after installing more mods, as it helps to avoid searching through individual project pages. An extensive search engine is also extremely useful.

  1. Download the Just Enough Items (JEI) modification.
  2. Minecraft version: 1.18.2 (as of June 2022)

JourneyMap – Google Maps at hand

If you played Minecraft before mods became popular, chances are that you placed your own landmarks around the world using tall towers of stone or similar. Now, many players cannot imagine having fun without the JourneyMap mod, which adds a map generated in real time. We have at our disposal a large map showing the area discovered so far (along with a division into the type of ground, caves and mountains) and a minimap that's constantly visible allows you to keep track of the area. Indicators for marking important places are also helpful.

  1. Download the JourneyMap modification.
  2. Minecraft version: 1.16.5 (as of June 2022)

Enchantment Descriptions – useful hints

Enchantment Descriptions is an incredibly simple mod that adds descriptions to enchanted weapons and books. That may not seem like much, because the descriptions of individual spells should be available in Minecraft from the beginning.

  1. Download the Enchantment Descriptions mod.
  2. Minecraft version: 1.18.2 (as of June 2022)

Iron Chests – bigger volume

As time passes in the game, the amount of extracted resources increases rapidly, and expanding the warehouse with more chests becomes tedious. Fortunately, the Iron Chests mod introduces several new types of chests – with increased capacity, of course. The better material the chest is made of (diamonds are best), the more items you can store in it.

  1. Download the Iron Chests modification.
  2. Minecraft version: 1.16.5 (as of June 2022)

Biomes O 'Plenty – new environments

It's hard to complain about the diversity of the world of Minecraft, but who said that you can't have even more variety. This was the assumption of the author of the Biomes O 'Plenty mod who prepared several dozen new biomes. Where can we go now? The standard environments such as tall mountains, dark swamps or tropical islands were refreshed, but so were the slightly more unique regions – for example the post-apocalyptic wastelands.

New biomes mean not only different views, but also access to new resources. Precious stones (sapphires or rubies) have appeared, and you can make some really efficient tools with them. You will also see new trees and flowers, and visit interesting buildings and caves.


Unfortunately, it's necessary to create a new world, because in order to generate the new content, you need to check the appropriate option when creating a new game.

  1. Download the Biomes O 'Plenty modification.
  2. Minecraft version: 1.18.2 (as of June 2022)

The Twilight Forest – bizarre trees and labyrinths with minotaurs

An eternally dark forest filled with bizarre trees, incredibly high fortresses and labyrinths that hide treasures inside. Interested? Then be warned – the aforementioned labyrinths are guarded by minotaurs, and the open areas are not very friendly. In Twilight Forest, you have a chance to meet a hydra or a lich – if they turn out to be too strong for you, you can always hide in a nearby castle. Although this may also end badly, because the fortresses are not empty at all.

After all, the Twilight Forest is definitely worth visiting. The areas offer a completely different experience than those of the core version of Minecraft. You can see a sample of it in the pictures, but they only reflect part of the atmosphere of this land.


Dig a hole and fill it with water. Plant flowers on the sides (mushrooms will also work), and then throw the diamond inside – a portal will open.

  1. Download the The Twilight Forest mod.
  2. Minecraft version: 1.17.1 (as of June 2022)

Pam's HarvestCraft 2 – table served

Expeditions into the depths of the world require proper preparation, and this is implies nutritious provisions. Does the core Minecraft allow us to really show our skill when it comes to cooking? Well, not really, because it usually ends with a piece of bread and with some proteins. Pam's HarvestCraft 2, on the other hand, introduces hundreds of new recipes to the game.

Interestingly, the mod doesn't introduce many new items. Most of the recipes are based on ingredients from the vanilla version of the game. This, however, doesn't lessen the extent of the changes. Old ingredients can be used for completely new dishes. For example – chicken meat will be used not only for ordinary frying, but also for making nuggets or a chicken burger. You can also make cheese, butter or yoghurt from milk – and by adding chocolate or apples to yogurt, you will get a proper snack.

  1. Download the Pam’s HarvestCraft 2 mod.
  2. Minecraft version: 1.18.2 (as of June 2022)

Ice and Fire: Dragons – taming dragons

Traveling the world on the back of a fire-breathing (or ice-spitting) dragon? No problem, you probably already know that Minecraft mods let you do just about anything. The subject of flying reptiles comes up in the Ice and Fire: Dragons modification – and believe me the appearance of the beast deserves highest praise.

But let's start from the beginning. After installing the mod, several types of dragons will appear in the game. They won't be friendly towards nearby creatures (they attack not only the player, but also animals and other monsters), but defeating them will provide you with dragon bones. These, in turn, will be used to create powerful weapons. It is also worth looking for the dragon's cave and finding eggs there. In this way, you may get your own dragon that will help you intimidate the area nearby.

  1. Download the Ice and Fire: Dragons mod.
  2. Minecraft version: 1.16.5 (as of June 2022)

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod – bathroom needs finishing

Although we are often limited only by our imagination in Minecraft, creating sensible home furnishings from square boxes can be curbing our creativity. However, it's enough to install McCrayfish's Furniture Mod and the game will become filled with recipes for new objects and elements of interior decor. Now you can easily decorate a comfortable living room, a practical kitchen and an elegant bathroom.

New products not only beautify the residences, but are often also very functional. For example – you can bake meat in the oven (several pieces at the same time), and store food in the refrigerator and cabinets. Even if the property doesn't offer a specific benefit, you can usually interact with it – water is pouring from the shower and you can sit on chairs and sofas. What's more, you can put a TV in the living room (even watch something on it!), and place a computer at the desk for trading valuable items.

  1. Download the MrCra modification y fish's Furniture.
  2. Minecraft version: 1.12.2 (as of June 2022)

Applied Energistics 2 – material energy network

And now something for lovers of technology and automation. The Applied Energistics 2 mod enables the use of material energy networks. What does that mean? The ability to quickly transport items and liquids (lava, water) via cables or wireless access to the warehouse – and that means no more running with crates while building.

Of course, advanced equipment is not available immediately and you have to work a bit to get it. The recipes for new objects require iron or diamonds, but also new resources. The new resources also come with new equipment and a few other useful accessories.

Or maybe you want to play with magic related to nature in general? The Botania mod will allow you to create all sort of natural wonders.

  1. Download the Applied Engergistics 2 mod.
  2. Minecraft version: 1.18.2 (as of June 2022)

Mowzie's Mobs – carnivorous plants and gods of the sun

Creepers, zombies and skeletons no longer provide the thrills? It's time to install the Mowzie's Mobs mod for Minecraft. Now, a journey through the jungle may end with an encounter with a plant, which instead of a flower has large mouths filled with sharp teeth – some additional spiciness is added by the fact that the new enemy looks like an ordinary fern at first, and shows its true face only when we approach it.

The dungeons, on the other hand, are guarded by huge iron guards. Defeating such an enemy is rewarded with a powerful knockout ax. Moving on, you will encounter a kind of sun god who will shoot a bright ray at you after making some strange sounds. Generally, you can get into trouble wherever you go – the snowy lands are guarded by massive beasts, and the mountains are haunted by equally dangerous wyverns.

The Mo' Creatures mod is also noteworthy, adding not only enemies, but also a lot of new animals. Unfortunately, the mod is no longer supported, so you need to play one of the older versions of Minecraft.

  1. Download the Mowzie's Mobs modification.
  2. Minecraft version: 1.16.3 (as of June 2022)

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Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition

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