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News guides 04 March 2024, 06:23

author: Damian Gacek

Can You See Midgar in FF7 Rebirth? Answered

Many people would like to revisit Midgar in FF7. Can you do it, though? Yes and no.

Source: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, developer: Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII is a game which is very vivid in the memories of thousands of players. The title is remembered for vast and interesting world and mysterious plot. No wonder that developers from Square Enix decided to remake the title. The interesting part is that we should expect a trilogy. As of now, two titles were released - Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. After adventures in the first part, people would like to revisit Midgar once again. However, can you do that? Yes and No.

Can You See Midgar in FF7 Rebirth? Answered

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The answer to the question about visiting Midgar again is yes and no. At some plot moments you will be able to see this enormous city. However, you will not be able to freely explore it. Short periods of revisiting Midgar are when you reminiscent Zack’s story.

However, fans of FF7 should not be surprised by this fact. The similar restriction was imposed on players in the original. After leaving the town, story moved to the open world, but at the same time the city was closed for Cloud (at least for some time).

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