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FF7 Rebirth - How to Beat Fort Condor on Hard Mode

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth features a couple of minigames. Here you will learn tips on how to complete Fort Condor on Hard Mode.

Source: Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, Developer: Square Enix

It doesn’t happen very often that a game is equally loved by the critics and community alike. Such feat was achieved by Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, which is admired by everyone who enjoys this classic series. However, the remake of the original game from the PS1 era does not follow all the footsteps of its predecessor. It is more of a reimagining than 1:1 redo. With that in mind, the developers have altered some old mechanics to make them more modern, yet a minigame called Fort Condor made a comeback. It is a challenge on its own, especially on a Hard Mode. Here you will learn some tips on how to make completing it easier.

How to complete Fort Condor in FF7 Rebirth on Hard Mode

Fort Condor is a minigame in FF7 Rebirth that is an auto battler. In its core, it’s a simple game where you are limited to putting minions to the battle in order to defeat an opposing team’s boss. Even though the basics are not very complex, there is a rock-paper-scissor relation to this minigame’s units. While completing normal mode of this auto battler is not very challenging, the hard mode can be really tough.

Below you can find some general tips on the Fort Condor:

  1. Change the in-game difficulty to “Easy”. That will make the hard mode of the minigame significantly easier, while it will still allow you to complete the challenge.
  2. Keep in mind the relations between minion types. Defense is strong against Vanguard, Vanguard defeats Ranged, and Ranged obliterates Defense.
  3. Pay attention to the enemy units’ queue. This will allow you to prepare accordingly while also letting you know which enemies will appear next on which lane.
  4. Make use of Hero Units. You have three to choose from, yet only two can be taken to the battle – Cloud (Defense), Barret (Ranged), Tifa (Vanguard).
  5. While keeping pressure on one lane, make the effort to at least stall the other one. Do not neglect one lane completely, as it will be immediately exploited by your opponent.
  6. Usually Balanced Unit composition is optimal, yet it can be beneficial to choose Offence Focused in the stage 4 of the Fort Condor game and make use of Trebuchets to plow through the enemy forces.
  7. Do not forget about Clerics. They are not a minion type, but they will keep your units alive longer, allowing for additional push.

It can take some trial and error, but eventually you’ll get a hold of it, allowing you to complete this auto battler minigame.

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