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News video games 05 April 2019, 16:28

author: Bart Swiatek

CD Projekt RED Hires the Creator of The Witcher Prologue Remastered

In a recent podcast organized by the editorial staff of GameStar, one of the CD Projekt RED developers admitted that it is not rare for the company to hire talented modders.

CD Projekt RED Hires the Creator of The Witcher Prologue Remastered - picture #1
The famous developer often employs modders.

During a recent podcast organized by the editors of GameStar, one of the employees of CD Projekt RED - quest designer Philipp Weber - revealed that the company sometimes hire modders who managed to impress the company. This was the case with Ervx, the creator of The Witcher Prologue Remastered, i.e. a mod that recreates the beginning of the original Witcher on the engine of the third installment. Below we remind you of a short video presenting his work.

Interestingly, it was Philipp Weber who wrote to the modder, thanks to which he was able to find a job at the studio. Not everyone in the company was convinced that this is a good idea - mainly because the modding tools provided by CD Projekt RED are in fact very limited and do not fully reflect the real scope of work and skills required.

It is worth noting that the Polish developers employ more people who started their adventure in the modding community. For example, the current gameplay designer, Andrzej Kwiatkowski, was hired after he developed an extensive modification that turned the combat system of The Witcher 2 upside down (with positive results). The same was the case with... Philipp Weber himself - the first steps in his career were fan projects.

We would like to remind you that CD Projekt RED is currently working on the futuristic action RPG Cyberpunk 2077.

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