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News video games 26 June 2020, 12:48

author: Bart Swiatek

Cheater Plague Returns to CoD: Warzone

Cheaters found a fairly simple way to bypass the security of Call of Duty: Warzone - they sell confirmed accounts, with the phone numbers assigned to them.

It turns out that the anti-cheat protection in CoD: Warzone is quite easy to get around.


  1. Cheaters are getting through the SMS authorization in CoD: Warzone by selling verified accounts with an assigned phone number;
  2. Some users boast that they can not only cheat but also make money selling verified accounts.

Some time ago we reported if a new security system in Call of Duty: Warzone, which forces us to confirm the registered account with a password received through an SMS - so we need to provide an active phone number that can only be assigned to a single user. Unfortunately, it seems that cheaters quickly found a way around this solution. Their answer is very simple - they sell verified, activated accounts with assigned numbers. The price is about 2 dollars per account.

Selling authorized accounts in CoD: Warzone.

Interestingly, in its own way, authorization using a phone is good for the cheaters. Thanks to this they not only cheat, but can also make money from selling accounts. Some of them directly ridicule people trying to fight them and have no qualms to brag about their "business successes".

Cheater boasts of making money from selling accounts.

It seems that the fight against cheaters is a classic arms race, reminiscent of the rivalry between pirates and security developers - every action causes a reaction, and no solution is permanent. Hopefully, developers at Infinity Ward and Raven Software will find a way to make it harder for cheaters to get past security.

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