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News video games 02 June 2021, 13:58

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Civilization 6 Players Chose the Best Nation Leaders

Reddit users have created a ranking of leaders available in Civilization 6.

  • One Reddit user organized a vote to determine the best leaders in Civilization 6;
  • As a result, he created a ranking of 55 leaders;
  • The winner turned out to be Frederick Barbarossa (Germany).

The online discussions about the best leaders available in Civilization 6 can finally come to an end. Fans of the game have taken matters into their own hands and, by voting on Reddit, have created a ranking of best leaders available in this popular strategy game. The initiative comes from user Ducklinsenmayer, who created the voting rules.

All 55 leaders were grouped into 9 teams. Then, every three days, the nations from each "team" were voted on. In this way, a ranking was slowly built up, culminating in a competition between the few most frequently elected leaders. After 15 surveys, Ducklinsenmayer finally released the results of his venture. Unfortunately, we do not know the exact number of people who participated in the voting. However, several hundred users were involved in each of its stages.

Civilization 6 Players Chose the Best Nation Leaders - picture #1
Source: Reddit (the graphic has been modified in order to remove an error concerning table designations)

The ranking was developed in the form of so-called tier lists. It divides the leaders into 7 tiers, from F (lowest), through E, D, C, B and A, to S (highest). The two lowest ranges were left blank because, as Ducklinsenmayer explained, it was not a poll of the worst leaders. Thus, the most civilizations landed in group D. Prominent among these were leaders such as Shaka, Cleopatra and Alexander of Macedon. In total, there are 39 heroes in this tier.

The next tier, or C, in turn featured 13 characters. Among them were both classic leaders, such as Trajan and Eleonora, as well as those characterized by specific traits, such as Kupe.

The upper tiers saw a significant decrease in the number of leaders. On the third step of the podium were Ambiorix (Gauls), John Curtin (Australia) and Seondeok (Korea). Second place went to Peter the Great (Russia) and Hammurabi (Babylon). However, all of them had to recognize the superiority of Frederick Barbarossa, who, as a representative of Germany, alone reigns at the highest tier bearing the letter S.

So now we know who enjoys the greatest recognition among fans of Civilization 6. The question remains, however, which leader is considered the worst. Fortunately, we can also get an answer to this question in the near future. Because Ducklinsenmayer mentioned about the chance to create such a ranking as well.

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