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News video games 02 June 2021, 13:50

author: Szarmancki

UFOs Appear in Fortnite Airspace and Abduct Players

Epic Games does not drop the pace of dashing out new updates for Fortnite. This time, as part of the ad campaign for season 7 of their battle royale game, a UFO has appeared in the game, here to abduct some of the battle participants.

Every season the world of Fortnite surprises the players with something new - if it's not a complete rewrite of the map or the introduction of game-changing equipment, then unexpectedly characters from other popular brands like Thanos or Kratos appear in the game. The creators have no intention of stopping and this time aliens appeared above the battle zone. For now they seem to have come to abduct players, but we do not yet know their ultimate goal.

It seems that the players were ready and expecting that the upcoming season 7 would revolve around the theme of extraterrestrials, all thanks to dataminers who managed to find relevant information in the game files. However, the great unknown is still the role that aliens will play in the game. Although we'll have to wait for the start of the new season, until June 8, we can already experience being abducted by aliens in the game; some cases were even documented.

There have been many theories about how the new mechanic will work, but as we can determine from the recording above, posted by Twitter user HyperDiamond123, an abduction will be manifested by a greenish glow in the sky, and then a dazzling beam emerging from it, which will begin to lift the player, eventually carrying them several meters away with their health and shield fully replenished.. If this is how the new attraction will really look like, it can really mess up the battlefield.

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