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News video games 03 January 2022, 13:01

author: Michael Zegar

Clownfield 2042 Failed to Hitch a Ride on BF2042's Problems

Released a few days ago, online shooter Clownfield 2042 parodies Battlefield 2042. Despite very favorable reviews from players, it failed to gain a huge community.

  • Clownfield 2042, available on Steam for a few days now, is a parody game making fun of Battlefield 2042;
  • The can boast 85% positive feedback;
  • At the peak moment of the last 24 hours it was played by just 288 concurrent players;
  • Developers of Clownfield 2042 do not give up and announce further updates.

It's been a month and a half since the release of Battlefield 2042. According to SteamDB stats the peak number of people playing this title simultaneously on Steam in the last 24 hours was just over 17,000 (on the release day it was a bit over 100 thousand). This is interesting because in the same time frame, Battlefield V, released in 2018, was played on Steam by up to 26.5 thousand people simultaneously.

So it is not surprising that BF2042's condition became the object of jokes. A few days ago Steam has seen the release of a sarcastic parody of the game, titled Clownfield 2042. The game costs less than $1 and at the moment can boast 85% positive reviews, as opposed to BF2042 having only 31% of favorable reviews (according to SteamDB stats).

"Clownfield 2042 is an FPS where you take a role of unique soldier, equipped with six weapons that has to fight enemy and win the front.

After 2022 cryptocrash caused by NFT's, majority of nations collapsed and a union of "No-Clowns" has been formed. You are one of them, arm up and get ready for war," reads the game's description.

Clownfield 2042 Failed to Hitch a Ride on BF2042s Problems - picture #1
"Well, well, well, that was fun."

In addition to the default mode called All Out Clownfare which is a loose variation of Conquest from Battlefield, the players can also try Clownfield Gateway and Hovercraft Zone. The latter enables the players to unleash an onslaught of physics-breaking hovercraft, "not modeled at all" on this "feature" from BF2042. Clownfield 2042 offers three maps with a tornado raging through them, six weapons and - most importantly - a scoreboard, as well as the function of... voice chat.

The game should run without any problems even on moderately modern machines. The developers point out that the title has a ton of bugs and glitches that will never be fixed. Instead, the team will focus on more important improvements to the title, which will take the form of several new skins. At least, this is what the description reads.

Unfortunately, it seems that Clownfield 2042 and Battlefield 2042 have something else in common. At the moment the game doesn't enjoy too much popularity - in the last 24 hours a maximum of 288 players played in it at the same time. Perhaps the situation will change, and the creators themselves will not give up and focus on improving this unique production. The game will soon receive a new map and - contrary to earlier assurances - the first improvements to gameplay balance.

Battlefield fan jokes about about the condition of the latest installment are unlikely to die down soon. According to the observations of Reddit user lunardev, not even the holiday season has encouraged players to return to the game. Marcus Lehto, co-creator of the Halo series and director of the newly formed studio in Seattle, which is to work on improving the Battlefield series, provided a brief comment on Twitter about the game's current condition:

"I’m having a rough time figuring out the objective priorities on the Halo Infinite map. Common problem or an OK Boomer issue?," asks Lehto in his tweet.

"I have a rough time figuring out why EA is transforming my beloved favorite franchise (Battlefield) in what it is not. If you could maybe clarify for me," replies user Isma Easy.

"I’m figuring that out myself. Then planning to fix things," Lehto wrote back.

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