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News video games 15 January 2024, 07:18

author: Adrian Werner

Battlefield 7 Expected to Offer Best Environment Destruction Ever

The next Battlefield will not repeat the mistake of BF 2042. The authors intend to develop the most impressive environmental destruction system ever.

Source: Electronic Arts. Artwork z Battlefielda 2042.

Everything indicates that the Battlefield series will return to impressive destruction of environment, an element that used to be its hallmark.

  1. This is according to the job offer published by Ripple Effect studio (formerly DICE LA). The team is looking for a visual effects director, who will help to "create the most realistic and exciting destruction effects in the industry."
  2. The series' return to this element should please many fans. For a long time, Battlefield was famous for its destruction of environment. Such mechanics started becoming a prominent part of the franchise in 2008, with Battlefield: Bad Company (they had been rather limited before that game). Players liked these solutions so much that they became a permanent element of the series, and Battlefield 4 added the so-called Levolution mechanics, which, despite silly name, turned the game's virtual battlefields into real theaters of war that slowly got torn apart.
  3. Development of this element was paused in Battlefield 2042, which in this respect was a significant step back. However, the creators had different intentions. There's a lot suggesting that initially, a much more impressive environmental destruction system was planned. It was supposed to let players knock down any skyscrapers or other buildings. Ultimately, this idea turned out to be too demanding in terms of its system requirements. That was largely because in BF 2042, the scale of battles was increased to 128 players.

Players clearly crave impressive destruction. This was clearly demonstrated by the success of the online shooter The Finals, one of the main attractions of which is the phenomenal mechanics of environmental destruction. What makes it even more interesting is that this title was developed by former employees of DICE studio.

The criticism that BF 2042 received, combined with the success of The Finals, means that the return of impressive destruction in the next Battlefield installment is almost certain. It's cool though, that the creators are aiming to set new standards in this category.

Let us recall that, according to previous reports, the next Battlefield is to offer an extensive single-player campaign (this is another element missing in BF 2042 ) and will redefine the entire IP. According to rumors, the game will release this year.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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