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News Files and Mods 27 July 2021, 12:29

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Company of Heroes 3 Alpha Can Now be Played on Axis Side Thanks to a Mod

One of the players managed to modify the pre-alpha version of Company of Heroes 3, which enabled him to play as German forces. Interestingly, the developers don't mind such actions.

  • One of the players made it possible to play the German side in Company of Heroes 3;
  • He shared the save files online, thanks to which the faction can be tested by all interested parties;
  • The creators do not mind the players doing so.

Two weeks ago we lived to see the announcement of the next installment of Company of Heroes. At the same time players were allowed to test the pre-alpha version of the game. It offers a part of the campaign on the Apennine Peninsula, in which we can lead the British and American forces. Our forces face German units, which unfortunately cannot be controled officially in this version of the game. One of the players decided to change that.

User Miko shared special save files, thanks to which you can control the troops of the Third Reich. The player didn't reveal how he managed to do it, but presented the instructions on how to use his solution. Using the files provided, it is possible to play two different battles against British forces. Although they are not enriched with any additional features or the ability to configure the battles, they enable us to check how the gameplay currently looks on the German side.

What's interesting is that such actions do not bother the developers of Company of Heroes 3. Executive producer David Littman commented on the matter for PCGamesN.

“It’s important to note that we are in early development for all of the factions in the game’s campaign, and for this first public preview of Company of Heroes 3 we focused on the American and British forces. The balance and polish for these two single-player campaign factions in the CoH-Development preview, is at a level which allows players to get a good sense of the gameplay direction. There is also a fairly good runway ahead to continue to develop and improve the [Allies] gameplay experience

Compared to the American and British, the German faction as released in the campaign preview is at a polish level that’s acceptable as AI. We hadn’t intended players to test or control the German forces. Having said that it’s still pretty amazing to hear the early feedback! We are excited to reveal more details about the multiplayer and campaign playable factions in the months to come.”

Thus, the creators admitted that currently the only relatively polished sides are the British and American forces. For this reason, they did not give players the opportunity to choose the German faction. At the same time, they clearly don't mind fan experimentation. Since the players are so curious how the gameplay looks like with other factions, they can use the solution presented by Miko without any consequences. At the same time, they can contribute to the further development of the game through comments directed to the developers.

Players who would like to test Company of Heroes 3 have one more week to do it. The open pre-alpha will be available until August 3. However, this is not the last of the tests that the creators are planning. It has already been revealed that there will be more of them in the future, and players will be able to follow the development of the title on an ongoing basis.

Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3

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