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News video games 31 October 2022, 18:07

author: Damian Gacek

Cosmoteer - railgun and other weapons

In this guide to Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander we will talk about railguns and other weapons. We will tell you how to use them and in what situations they come in handy.

Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander has won the hearts of gamers, thanks to the freedom to build new ships and the opportunity to have adventures in endless space. However, space is dangerous. So it is worth having the right weapons.

The following text is about the game in early access, so over time the information contained here may no longer be valid.

Types of weapons in Cosmoteer

There are 2 main types of weapons in Cosmoteer - Energy and Projectile. As the name suggests, the former require a certain amount of energy to function. The latter require projectiles.

Energy weapons

  1. Laser blaster – this is the basic weapon in this category. Inexpensive and great for starting your adventure. Damage: 400/shot, 533/sec; Range: 260 m.
  2. Heavy laser bluster – is an improved version of the laser. Damage: 900/shot, 1600/sec; Range: 260 m.
  3. Disruptor – deadly effective against enemy shields. Damage: 100/shot, 200/sec; Damage vs Shields 2250/shot, 4500/sec; Range: 180 m.
  4. Ion Beam Emitter – fires a powerful beam of energy, but the longer the distance, the weaker it becomes. Damage: (near) 2500/sec, (far) 1375/sec; Range: 450 m.
  5. Ion Beam Prism – this device can change the direction of incoming Ion Beam. The more of them you have, the less potential damage you will receive. Range: 450 m.
  6. Point Defense System – the main task of this machine is to shoot down enemy missiles. Damage: 35/shot, 525/sec; Damage vs Shots: 150/shot, 2250/sec; Range: 150 m.
  7. Mining laser – as the name suggests, the purpose of this weapon is to break up asteroids. Damage: 1200/sec, Damage vs Asteroids 64000/sec; Range: 100 m.

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Projectile weapons

  1. Standard Cannon – the primary weapon that you will use, can start a fire. Damage: 750/shot, 1000/sec; Range: 190 m.
  2. Large Cannon – a better version of the Standard Cannon, also can start a fire. Damage 2400/shot, 2000/sec; Range 190 m.
  3. Deck Cannon – a powerful cannon that is mounted on top of the ship, rather than on the side. It can stun enemy crew for a while. Damage: 7500/shot, 6000/sec; Range: 190 m.
  4. Missile & Mine Launcher – a big advantage of this weapon is that you can load different missiles into it. The final strength of this gun depends on them.
  5. Railgun – the strength of this weapon is reflected in the fact that it does not consist like the others of 1 component, but as many as 3, which must be built separately (Loader Module, Accelerator Module, Launcher module). Damage: 10000/shot, 2500/sec Range: 300 m (max 600 m).
  6. Flak Battery – the main task of this cannon is to shoot down enemy missiles and lasers. Damage vs Shots: 1800/shot, 7200/sec. Range: 150 m.

Remember that the damage shown above is the maximum. The end result may differ from reality. Your shots may be shot down, redirected or bounce off the shield/armor. In field conditions, the above figures are unlikely to be achieved.


Cosmoteer - railgun and other weapons - picture #1

Railgun is an unusual weapon in Cosmoteer in that it does not consist of 1 module, but 3 separate ones - Loader Module, Accelerator Module, Launcher module. In order for the weapon to work at all you must build the Loader Module and the Launcher module. Accelerator Module is an optional item, but the more of them you build, the more powerful your Railgun will be.

When building a Railgun you must create a straight line. Launcher Module is a cannon, so it must be at the end, facing the enemy. Accelerator Module is to give power to the projectile, so it will be in the middle. Loader Module is the place where your crew will load projectiles.

How to choose a weapon?

First of all, you need to keep in mind what kind of ship you have. Weapons consume energy, ammunition, Command points and also need people to operate. All this needs space and economic facilities. Don't be afraid to start slow.

Also consider what you want to achieve with a particular weapon. Energy weapons mostly have further range, while Projectile weapons theoretically have more firepower. Other elements such as Durability, Firing Arc etc will probably be important here, too.

Another significant difference between the weapons is that Projectile weapons can penetrate enemy ships, while Energy Weapons are much more accurate.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander

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