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News video games 25 October 2022, 13:23

author: Adam Adamczyk

Cosmoteer Cheats and Mods

The gameplay in Cosmoteer can be varied with the help of various modifications. In this guide you will learn how to install them and what the cheats are.

Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander is an early access game, in which players build their starships and wage action-packed battles. The game gives a fair amount of freedom in ship construction, but players also have numerous mods at their disposal, as well as cheat codes. In this guide we will touch on both of them.

To begin with, it should be noted that Cosmoteer is still under development. Some of the mods below may not be compatible with newer versions of the game. In addition, since the writing of this article, the developer has also made it possible to install mods via Steam Workshop. You will find new ships and various minor or major changes to the game mechanics there.

Cosmoteer - cheat codes

Cosmoteer Cheats and Mods - picture #1

Click on the mods tab in the lower left corner

After launching the game in the lower left corner we can click on the mods tab. There are three sample modifications uploaded there, which is why they are colloquially considered cheat codes. The first one significantly simplifies the game, for example, by adding funds to start or increasing the defense of the ship. The second is a curiosity, as it introduces a made-up language into the game, and the third increases the size of the ship from 120x120 to 1000x1000.

Cosmoteer - mods

Cosmoteer Cheats and Mods - picture #2

Installation of downloaded modifications

Modifications are regularly created for Cosmoteer, adding new content, enriching the visuals or affecting the gameplay in some way. To install a mod, all you need to do is download one from here, then click on the mods tab, then install mods, search for the downloaded file and activate it. Sometimes for the modification to work, it may be necessary to restart the game. Below are some interesting modifications.

  1. ABH

ABH is one of the longest-developed modifications, which includes a great many new parts and weapons at several technology levels. The modification also introduces new mechanics to the game, as well as various cosmetic parts.

  1. Star Wars: Cosmos Divided

Star Wars: Cosmos Divided is a real treat for fans of the iconic movie series. The modification introduces many weapons and ships known from the Star Wars universe.

  1. Additional Weapons Mod

As the name suggests, this modification introduces additional weaponry to the game. It is one of the most popular projects among the players.

  1. Star Forge Utilities

Playing in Cosmoteer focuses not only on arming the ship, but also on its upgrades. Star Forge Utilies brings a lot of additional parts to the game, with the help of which you can make your ship more unique.

  1. Speedset

Speedset is an excellent choice for both people who are just learning the basic mechanics and the game is too fast for them, and veterans who want to speed it up. With this modification you can change the speed of the gameplay.

  1. Yare's Mods

Finally, we left a pack that includes several modifications. Yare's Mods adds content with which you can significantly upgrade your ship. This is a great modification for people who want to feel a breath of fresh air in Cosmoteer.

Downloading mods

Finally, keep in mind that some modifications may not be compatible with the current version of the game. Cosmoteer is constantly evolving, so when downloading a modification, make sure that it supports your version of the game. Modifications can be downloaded from both the game forum and the Nexus Mods platform.

  1. Mods on Cosmoteer forum
  2. Cosmoteer mods on Nexus Mods
Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander

Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander

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