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News video games 27 March 2023, 12:43

author: Adrian Werner

Counter Strike 2 May Go One Step Further in Battle Against Cheaters

Mentions of a new, much more aggressive anti-cheat system have been found in CS2 files.

Some lucky users are already testing Counter-Strike 2. A build of the game offering offline mode leaked to the web. All this is causing many people to gain access to an early version of the game and start digging through its files.

One such dataminer, going by the handle Aquarius has dug up some interesting information, suggesting what changes might be made to the anti-cheat system.

  1. The files mention a new system known as VAC Live.
  2. One of its features is to end matches as soon as a cheater is detected.
  3. Until now, Valve Anti-Cheat has at most kicked cheaters out of the game, rather than ending the entire match right away.
  4. This would not be the first time such a solution has been implemented in video games. The anti-cheater system in Valorant works similarly.
Counter Strike 2 May Go One Step Further in Battle Against Cheaters - picture #1
Source photo Twiter.

How could it be?

Of course, the appearance of such solution in the game files does not prejudge anything yet. Valve may ultimately decide not to implement it, or may make it optional. It is also possible that such ending of matches will be limited to esports tournaments.

Regardless of what the authors ultimately decide, information found in the game's files shows that Valve is planning a new improved anti-cheat system, which is good news for all those planning to play Counter-Strike 2.

Staying on the topic of cheats, it is still worth recalling an interesting piece of information contained in the official FAQ. It turns out that bans from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be transferred to CS2. People who have been punished for cheating in CS:GO, will not be able to play in Counter-Strike 2 on blocked accounts.

CS 2 is expected to debut this summer. The game will be released as a free update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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