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News video games 11 September 2020, 10:18

author: Czarus

Creative Ways to Play Crusader Kings 3 According to Steam Reviews

Crusader Kings 3 introduces many changes and improvements to the series from Paradox Development. Although the title is an evolution rather than revolution, it implements some interesting novelties. Some of them will be looked at from the perspective of Steam reviews.


  • Crusader Kings 3 already has over 14,500 reviews on Steam, more than 90% of which are positive.
  • We have chosen some of the more interesting opinions to present some of the new features and improvements in the game.

Crusader Kings 3 has won the hearts of players. In just 11 days after its launch on Steam, there are already more than 14.5 thousand reviews, more than 90% of which are positive. The game cannot be denied significant popularity. Our reviewer also liked the game. So let's take a look at why the fans liked the title so much.

Creating our own country

In Crusader Kings 3, the freedom to create original countries has reached another level. The combination of an extensive system of creating our own religion and personalized countries, provided we have enough land and resources, can result in quite strange creations. Just read the comment of player iLikeFluffyCats:

"- Be me.

- Play zero to hero.

- Choose a small land in Norway, because you love to romanticize vikings..

- Try to build a great dynasty of devoted warriors.

- Take some lands for your family and go to war against your liege for his title.

- For some unexplainable reason become a part of the United Scandinavian Emirates.

- ??????????"

Poland as an empire with a pagan religion, where the ruler is the head of the church - looking at the ideas of the fans, this seems uninspired.

Creating our own religion

Let's quote player known as The Spiffing Brit:

"- Get a rival

- Create a religion with forced nudity

- Imprison rival

- Force rival to become nudist

- Convert back to Catholicism

In just 5 easy steps no one will take your rival seriously! 11/10 very fun game"

Let's also look at the story of Steam user Street:

"10 hours in I stumble across a nudist courtier and panic alt+f4 when my gf walked into the room as the courtier is trying to seduce me."

Of course, both of these situations are related to the possibility of creating one's own religion. There are quite a few options, because we can choose from the doctrines relating to attitude to marriage, rules of priesthood, and what is considered a crime in our faith. We also have the opportunity to choose our own dogmas. One of these is "Natural Primitivism," which encourages our characters to adopt a nudist attire. We have to admit that the creators of the game were not afraid to reproduce the "new style" on the character models.

A cape and a crown. A true ruler doesn't need anything else.

However, with one should be careful when changing religious doctrines, because it can lead to some really strange stories (player imagination knows no boundaries). Let's quote Steam user Stalker:

"- Marry your daughter

- Have a son

- She kills you

- She marries the son

- Son restores the Persian Empire

- ???

- Profit."

Making character models look the part

The above story is also connected with another mechanic, namely with the effect of inheriting the appearance from parents based on their DNA. Of course, this was already available in Crusader Kings 2, but in the third game, the principle of genetic inheritance was further developed. If we believe the developers, the latest release offers more than 10 times more appearance features than its predecessor, and the system itself is said to be more flexible and complex. Of course, there are players willing to test this mechanic, an example of this is user Daewen:

"Ah! Finally I can see my lineage of inbreds in 3D."

Stress mechanics

Stress-related events have already occurred in the previous installment, but it is only Crusader Kings 3 that makes it a full-fledged mechanic. Unattended stress combined with some features of the ruler and a series of unfortunate events can be dangerous. It can also be an interesting addition to the players' adventures, as in the case of Steam user SirSenjin Galactic Empire:

"- Started as a vassal of a liege

- I wanted to be unloyal to my liege and start an independence soon

- Despite harsh times for both of us we get to know each other more

- We both defended "our" borders from neighbouring intruders

- We became "brothers in arms"

- After all those events we were hunting and feasting together

- My liege died because of an old age of 81

- I lost one on my best friends, got stressed a lot

- I became a DRUNKARD!

11/10 - Will try to be unloyal vassal once again!"

The story is related to the fact that too high a stress factor forces the player to lower it by choosing a negative perk.

To sum up, there's a lot of interesting mechanics in the game. They enable players, especially those with lush imagination, to experience many adventures. Of course, the beginnings with the game can be difficult due to quite complicated mechanics and interface. An example of this can be player Sir Randy The Savage.

"15 hrs later and I still have no idea how to play. 10/10"

But surely once we've mastered the mechanics, the game keep us engaged much longer. Just look at the review of DeltaAce, a fan with over 100 hours clocked in the game:

"Was only supposed to be a 2hr fling..."

Last update: 2020-09-11

Crusader Kings III

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