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News guides 17 April 2023, 12:05

author: Damian Gacek

Dark and Darker - Locust Swarm Explained; Is It an Exploit?

In this guide we will talk about Locusts Swarm in Dark and Darker. It is a new and powerful Cleric’s spell.

Ironmace studio's Dark and Darker is a popular indie game that merges the genres of dungeon crawler and battle royale, with its unique gameplay drawing in thousands of players daily. Although the game has not been fully released, occasional playtests provide an opportunity to try it out. The latest playtest began yesterday and introduced some new features, including new skills for the Cleric class, such as the Locusts Swarm. This guide will provide more information about this ability.

Locusts Swarm in Dark and Darker

Locust Swarm is a new spell for the Cleric class. We can read in in-game description:

  1. Locusts Swarm – Concentrate for a certain period of time to summon a swarm of locusts in a specific area, dealing 1 damage per 0.1 second to targets within area.

Many players think that this skill may be bugged, but description of the ability suggests that it is just insanely powerful spell. Let’s do some math.

1 HP per 0.1 second is 10 HP per second (very fast), and this is passive, as long as you stay in the area. Of course, at the same time you may be hit by something else – arrows, other spells etc.

However, various people state that the Locusts Swarm spell kills them instantly, while they have full health. This may be an exploit or bug, which should be reported to developers. This ability is definitely very powerful, but it is probably not intended to one-shot opponents. It is very possible that the skill will be balanced/fixed in the future.

  1. The game has some problems with exploits in this playtest – you can read about it here.

How to protect yourself? Move a lot, Cleric will have to try harder to hit you. What is more don’t stand in the locusts area, it is clearly visible, so avoiding it should be your priority.

Dark and Darker Guide

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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