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News video games 27 April 2021, 16:47

author: Gabriela Sicinska

Dark Envoy Gets New Story Trailer

Dark Envoy, an isometric RPG by Polish studio Event Horizon, got its first story trailer. The trailer outlines the two main characters and their attitude towards an intriguing, original fantasy world where magic clashes with technology.

A new trailer of Event Horizon's game has appeared, outlining the plot of the upcoming game of this Polish developer. The new trailer of Dark Envoy doesn't reveal much, but it's already clear that the creators want to draw players' attention to the relationship between the two main characters and their attitude towards the surrounding reality, whose brutality and corruption they have to face. The construction of the game world is one of the most intriguing elements, because although it is mostly a fantasy setting, it features two competing powers - magic and advanced technology. The trailer suggests that this conflict will be one of the main threads driving the events of Dark Envoy.

Dark Envoy will be the second game in the output of Event Horizon - its debut title, 2018's Tower of Time, was warmly received by the gaming community. The upcoming project is much more expansive. Dark Envoy is an isometric RPG with turn-based combat, and the world is divided into segments. The plot is announced as non-linear, and its course is supervised by Canadian fantasy writer - Michael Chatfield.

What's interesting, the game will offer a few opportunities for co-op gameplay - two players will be able to control the sibling protagonists, like in Divinity: Original Sin, playing over the Internet or in local co-op mode on splitscreen. The devs also announced a two-player Player-versus-World module, where one of the players will play the role of the main boss, whose main entertainment will be throwing obstacles under the feet the good protagonist, so that he/she has the least chance of winning in the final clash.

Despite the obvious associations with the Divinity series, the creators also mention Mass Effect, Dragon Age, XCOM and FTL: Faster Than Light as inspirations for their work - a mixture that can be described as quite intriguing. Initially scheduled for release last year, Dark Envoy is currently slated for 2022 and will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (and presumably on next-gen consoles through backward compatibility).

Dark Envoy

Dark Envoy