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News guides 19 February 2024, 03:04

Deep Rock Galactic (DRG) Survivor Tier List - Best Class Explained

DRG Survivor is finally available in Early Access program. Let's find out what the best class in the game is and if there is one at all.

Source: Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, Developer: Ghost Ship Games

The success of space dwarfs has encouraged developers from Ghost Ship Games to create more spin-offs set in this universe. The original Deep Rock Galactic has laid the foundation for Vampire Survivors like game – Deep Rock Galactic Survivor. It is not a mere clone, however, as it introduces its own spin in the form of destructible terrain, that lets you manipulate the incoming waves of enemies. As every title of this genre, it allows for several classes to choose from. If you are unsure which one is the best, here you will find an answer.

Best class in DRG Survivor

Currently, there are 4 classes in DRG Survivor. If you would like to learn the best of them, you will have to unlock them first. The game lets you start with Scout, but the others will require some extra work to make them available. We have already covered this topic here.

Once you have all of them, we can now focus on finding the most effective one. Below you will find a class tier list (from "the best" to "the worst"), yet keep in mind that because the game is still in development stage, it can change at any time when the balance shift happens:

  1. Engineer – Who doesn’t love good ‘ol Engineer? Why do things yourself while you can have others do it for you? This class relies on placing turrets that cover your back or give you a tactical advantage, though be careful, as it can be a bit more challenging to play, especially in the beginning.
  2. Scout – It’s the most versatile class and available from the very beginning. Due to this, it is the easiest to get a hold of. Additionally, because of its speed it is easy to maneuver around the enemies, dodge them and get away while in a pickle.
  3. Driller – This dwarf is born for mining (as all of them but this one… more). The driller excels at getting through destructible walls of the environment, allowing for creating gateway routes quickly. This skill also allows for rapid resource collection.
  4. Gunner – As the name suggests, this class focuses on firepower. This is the most powerful dwarf in the roster as of now yet can be a bit sluggish. While it lacks in maneuverability, it makes it up in HP and Armour.

It is important to remember that eventually, it all comes down to personal preferences. All classes are useful, and it depends solely on your own playstyle to choose the most suitable one. When you have all the options available, take each one for a spin to try it out. What is widely considered the worst choice, may be actually the one that you are the most comfortable with. Rock and Stone!

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