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News guides 04 July 2023, 11:39

Destroyer Build in Wartales

It can be hard to develop a powerful character in Wartales, especially for fresh players, so here is our proposition on how to create useful Destroyer build.

Source: Shiro Games

Leading a group of mercenaries can be a challenging task. Not only it requires choosing the right people for the job, but also drawing out their strengths that would compliment the rest of the team. Wartales allows you to command a squad of mercenaries in a medieval, fantasy world. The game makes it possible to tune your group and create interesting builds that will help you out exploring the world, collecting bounties, and many more. The title offers vast possibilities when it comes to adjusting your companions’ skills, items, and combos. This can be daunting, especially for new players who would like to give Wartales a shot, so let’s explore an interesting build for Destroyer.

Destroyer build in Wartales

Destroyer is a specialisation of a Brute class. It can be selected as soon as on the 2 level. It offers Weakening Blow Skill that deals 80 – 100% Strength damage to the target and applies Weakening (reduces target’s damage output by 50%) status effect for 3 rounds. This ability in its upgraded form applies Vulnerability as well – it guarantees that the next hit will be critical.

Due to those characteristics, the interesting path for Destroyer is focused on critical hits and armour negation. Simply, put all your aptitude points into strength that maximises the character’s critical damage as well as damage of skills that are based on this statistic. Speaking about them, let’s take a look at the recommended abilities:

  1. Level 2 – Weakening Blow,
  2. Level 3 – Valorous Duel,
  3. Level 5 – Cruelty,
  4. Level 8 – Guard-Breaker,
  5. Level 10 – Defensive Riposte,
  6. Level 12 – Class Specialisation (Armor Breaker from Level 5)

To compliment this armour breaking / critical build, you can equip Erkeshet’s Mace that further increases your mercenary’s strength and critical hit chance.

As you progress through the game, your destroyer will get traits that will further compliment your playstyle. Feel free to experiment on your own to get as much as possible with this build.

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