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News guides 19 December 2023, 03:25

Potential Recovery Method for Disappearing Save in Wartales

Disappearing saves in games are one of the most annoying bugs. This unfortunately happened to Wartales. If you are affected by this, here you will find more details about the situation.

Source: Wartales, Developer: Shiro Games

In the real world we have only one shot at making the most important decisions, but video games give us a lot more leeway in that regard. As leading a group of mercenaries in Wartales requires a lot of tactical thinking, the developers introduced a quick save feature that allows for safe experiments with strategy. At least it did until some point, because recently a lot of fans are experiencing issues with their save game files that are suddenly… disappearing. Let’s dive deeper to check what is going on.

Disappearing save files in Wartales explained

Not long ago there was a new DLC released for Wartales focused on marine adventures. The Pirates of Belerion, as the extension is entitled, brought back players into the game, but some of them had their fun spoilt by disappearing saves losing them hours of game progression.

So far, players have reported that it happens on PC and Xbox Series, however it happens most commonly while the game is played by using Game pass. The scenario for all fans is similar – after restarting the PC, the save files are gone.

If you are playing the game on PC, there is a chance for you to recover your saved games. It is not bound to work, though still worth trying:

  1. After you have noticed that the saves are lost, open the game, make a new save and go back to the main menu. That would trigger Wartales to create its saves folder in proper location.
  2. Go to:


  1. Copy all the folders and files from the directory above. You can store them in a safe location just in case.
  2. Paste the contents to:


  1. In case there is still no Wartales\save folder in Roaming directory, try creating it manually.

Obviously, as previously mentioned, this workaround is not guaranteed to work and certainly it won’t help in the case of Xbox series issues. Shiro Games, the developer of Wartales is aware of this problem so we can expect a patch fixing this in the near future.

Quick save overwrites manual save file in Wartales

It is also worth noting that some players have noticed that using quick save feature (by clicking F5 by default on PC) overwrites manual saves. This does not seem to be related to the main issue, though it can be an inconvenience and something to be aware of.

To work around it, simply use two save slots – one that will be permanent manual save file and the other for quick saves. It is uncertain whether it is a bug though, yet generally that’s not how the quick save feature works in most of the titles.

Aleksander Kartasinski

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