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News video games 14 December 2023, 08:38

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Tactical RPG Wartales's Big Expansion Launches Today [Update]

Wartales will receive its first major expansion in December. Pirates of Belerion will add a huge new region and interesting mechanics.

Source: Shiro Games


Naval expansionPirates of Belerion for Wartales is now available on PC (Steam), 10% off until December 21. The release was accompanied by the trailer below:

Original news (November 30)

Developers of the warmly received tactical RPG Wartales have announced a major DLC called Pirates of Belerion. A pleasant surprise is the fact that the expansion will debut in just two weeks, on December 14 to be exact.

On the occasion of revealing details about the expansion, a short teaser trailer of it was released (below). You won't see any gameplay footage on it, as the video is meant to give a glimpse of the themes and story that the players will experience in Pirates of Belerion.

Pirate Life

The first expansion for Wartales will primarily interest fans of sea voyages and pirate climates. It will introduce a brand new and at the same time huge region to the game - the Belerion archipelago. This is a fallen kingdom, from which merchants prefer to stay away, as its inhabitants have begun to engage in piracy. In addition to inhospitable people, Belerion is full of other dangers, including dangerous reefs and scaly beasts.

The add-on will offer a new way of movement in the form of sea navigation. Players, thanks to this mechanic, will be able to construct and upgrade their own ship. The ship is used to travel through the waters of the archipelago, as well as to fight battles with encountered pirates.

In Pirates of Belerion it will be possible to carry out boarding of other vessels. In this way, our team will gain valuable treasures and advance in the "Lord of the Seas ranking".

Tactical RPG Wartaless Big Expansion Launches Today [Update] - picture #1


Tactical RPG Wartaless Big Expansion Launches Today [Update] - picture #2


Tactical RPG Wartaless Big Expansion Launches Today [Update] - picture #3


More information about the DLC

In addition to the mechanics described above, the expansion will also include new factions. The developers state that the The sea adventure will last about 25 hours, which is quite a lot for a non-standalone DLC. More information on the content of Pirates of Belerion will be known soon - the developers will publish new articles about it and organize two live broadcasts.

We do not know how much we will have to pay for the expansion. As Pirates of Belerion is described as the first expansion, it can be expected that we will receive more expansions in the future. Probably in the meantime Wartales will traditionally receive small patches fixing bugs and larger updates introducing new classes or items.

The release of the full version of the game by independent studio Shiro Games took place this year. Wartales attracted and delighted a ton of people - on Steam the game has more than 19 thousand reviews, 91% of which are positive. The title is available on Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC, as well as in the Xbox/PC Game Pass service.

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