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News video games 28 August 2021, 21:31

author: Paul Musiolik

Median XL 2.0 Mod for Diablo 2 Now Available; Gigantic List of Changes and New Features

The biggest mod for the original Diablo 2 - Median XL - is now available. List of changes and innovations implemented by the developers is very impressive.

  1. The biggest mod for Diablo 2 - Median XL 2.0 has launched;
  2. The list of changes and innovations is huge and turns the game we all know completely upside down.

According to the announcements (although the devs put the players' patience to the test), the newest version of the Diablo 2 mod Median XL has launched. The list of changes, which were implemented, is gigantic, so it's worth mentioning the most important ones.

As mentioned in an earlier post, Median XL version 2.0 adds the ability to display images in high resolution, the maximum supported is format 8K (in 4:3 aspect ratio).

A lot of attention was also paid to improving the gameplay, including the implementation of a shared cache option between offline characters. Descriptive item stats have been expanded, unlimited attribute and skill point resets have been enabled (the requirement for that is completing the Den of Evil quest and reaching level 50). Passive skills have been highlighted with a rounded frame, and holding down the Shift+Ctrl key combination enables us to allocate all available points to a selected ability.

That's not all. after installing Median XL Diablo 2 will also enable us to filter items from the Gambling Store, repair equipment from any merchant and a detailed view of all character stats.

Without going into all the details, we'll also mention a huge portion of quest fixes, improved loot, a complete redesign of the monsters in Acts 1-5 and new content in the so-called endgame (Nephalem Rifts, additional dungeons and side quests). Also significantly rebuilt game balance related to character classe skills both from the base Diablo II: Lord of Destruction as well as those added in the mod.

If you are looking for something to do until the release of Diablo 2: Resurrected, there is not better way than this to spend your time with the original Diablo 2. You can download the mod here.

  1. Diablo 2 - official website
  2. Median XL - official website
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