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Diablo II (PC cover
Game Box forDiablo II (PC)

Diablo II PC

A sequel to one of the biggest hits by Blizzard Entertainment. The plot of Diablo II follows the events of the first installment. The victory over Diablo turned out to be merely an illusion.

RPG | fantasy | hack'and'slash | Isometric view | action RPG

Diablo II Release Date PC


developer: Blizzard Entertainment publisher: Blizzard Entertainment Official website

English language game language: English

After four long years since the official release of Diablo, fans have finally received the fully fledged sequel. The development studio Blizzard North led by David Brevik, Eric Sexton, and Erich and Max Chaefer decided to keep the dark atmosphere of the original title while implementing a wide range of changes and novelties into the game’s mechanics.


The action of Diablo II for PC once again takes place in a fantastic world of Sanctuary. The victory over Diablo turned out to be merely an illusion. In reality, Diablo managed to take control over the body of his conqueror – prince Aidan. Having acquired new dose of power, he decides to free his brothers – Mefisto and Baal – and with their help enslave humanity once and for all. The player assumes the role of a hero that tries to stop the evil forces.


At the beginning of the game you can choose Amazon, Necromancer, Barbarian, Sorceress, or Paladin as the main protagonist. Each of the heroes features different attributes, skills, and combat tactics. What is characteristic for a role-playing game, during play you gain experience and develop skills along with psycho-physical factors.

The developers prepared four extensive lands to explore – with each play, they look quite differently as the game utilises a degree of random-level generation. During play the hero meets dozens of NPCs, fights thousands of enemies, and finds a variety of objects and treasures. The range of weapons and armours is very wide. Also, you can generate powerful objects with different magic properties on your own.

There are three difficulty levels in Diablo II: Normal, Nightmare, and Hell. In order to unlock another level you have to complete the game on a current difficulty setting. The game introduces co-op for up to eight players via the Internet and LAN.

Technical aspects

The visuals have been significantly upgraded in comparison to the first part of the saga. The developers remained faithful to the graphics based on the isometric view, which was characteristic for role-playing games from that period. 3D models of characters and animated environment elements also deserve to be acknowledged. The soundtrack composed by Matt Uelmen provides an excellent background for the action on the screen.

Last updated on 16 May 2012

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet   Player counter: 1 - 8  

Media type: 3 CD + 1 AUDIO CD

User score: 8.7 / 10 based on 12023 votes.

PEGI rating Diablo II

Age rating. The PEGI rating considers the age suitability of a game, not the level of difficulty. Game contains depictions of violence.

Diablo II System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

  • Recommended:
  • Pentium II 300 MHz
  • 32MB RAM
  • graphic card
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