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News video games 05 November 2023, 11:21

Diablo 4: News About Vessel of Hatred, Details of Season 3 and Update 1.2.2

Durin BlizzCon 2023, the developers of Diablo 4 discussed more extensively the content the game will receive in the coming time. They revisited the Vessel of Hatred expansion, as well as the third season.


Thanks to BlizzCon 2023, which took place on November 3-4, we learned details about the future of Diablo IV. During the new installment of "fireside chat" the devs shared, among other things, information about the Vessel of Hatred expansion and announced highlights of the third season. Below you will find the most interesting information from the aforementioned conversation.

If you have a free hour, you can also watch the entire video, featuring Joe Shely (director), Brent Gibson (associate director), Tiffany Wat (production director), Kayleigh Calder (lead producer), and Adam Fletcher (associate director of community affairs).

New info on Vessel of Hatred

According to Friday's announcement, the first major expansion for Diablo IV will take us to the jungles of the land of Nahant, including the cities of Kurast and Trancival. Thus, we will visit locations known from Diablo II. The plot thread, on the other hand, will focus on the fate of Neirel, who will be accompanied by the Lord of Hatred, Mephisto.

New players will be able to skip the story presented in the base game and immediately take part in the new adventure. The expansion will also introduce a unique character class, which will differ from the professions presented in previous installments.

Season 3 start date and new features in Season of Blood

In the ongoing season two, new challenges will be faced by players whose characters have reached level 100. With them in mind, the Abbatoir of Zir is being created, a series of trials that will run from December 5 to January 23. Along with them, the developers will offer players twenty stages of increasing difficulty.

Diablo 4: News About Vessel of Hatred, Details of Season 3 and Update 1.2.2 - picture #1

Portal to Zira

In the ongoing Season of blood we will also get a festive event, the Winter Plague, which will start not on the 12th (as previously reported), but on December 5. During this time, we will rebuild the Winter Market and traverse the Shattered Peaks again, defending the population from the monsters and the powerful Horror in Scarlet. The event will end on December 21.

The creators also confirmed that in the third season, which will begin on January 23, Diablo IV will receive the Gauntlet - a set of non-linear, weekly-changing dungeons, in which we will face other players and prove our might by eliminating monsters or destroying items. They will be accompanied by weekly rankings focused on the progress of regular and hardcore characters, as well as specific classes and groups. The best of the best will go on a permanent leaderboard known as the Hall of the Ancients.

Diablo 4 - update 1.2.2

We will see these new features the day after tomorrow. Along with version 1.2.2 five malignant rings will appear inDiablo IV, which are related to the first season (the Malignant). Each of them is dedicated to one of the available character classes, significantly affecting its abilities.

Diablo 4: News About Vessel of Hatred, Details of Season 3 and Update 1.2.2 - picture #2

Plush rings are dedicated to specific

For example: with the Ring of the Sacrilegious Soul, intended for the necromancer, the Raise Skeleton, Corpse Explosion and Corpse Tendrils abilities are activated automatically with a cooldown of a few seconds or more. On the other hand, Tal Rasha's Iridescent Loopprovides the sorcerer with a 10-15% damage increase for 4 seconds, every time an enemy is wounded by the elements.

The new items will be available from November 7 in the Seasonal and Eternal Realms.. Their full description is available on the official website of Blizzard, same as list of bugs fixed by update 1.2.2.

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