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News video games 23 March 2023, 13:18

author: Adrian Werner

Diablo 4 Refined Before Open Beta; List of Fixes

Blizzard Entertainment has announced what changes and improvements will be made to the Diablo 4 open beta.

The first stage of the beta of Diablo IV, intended for players with preorders, has come to an end. Tomorrow, in turn, open testing will begin for all interested parties. With this second phase of the beta in mind, Blizzard has prepared an update, which will fix some of the problems.

Diablo 4 - bug fixes in open beta

There is quite a lot of changes:

  1. a bug has been fixed that caused a counter to not display correctly on some PCs while waiting in queue;
  2. queues are supposed to be shorter overall;
  3. an issue causing characters to stutter in one adventure has been fixed;
  4. people with 16 GB of RAM will no longer have problems selecting high texture settings;
  5. improved boss (Ashava) spawn times.;
  6. an interface bug that caused some completed quests to be marked as unstarted has been fixed;
  7. the game is supposed to be more stable overall and freeze less often.

Diablo 4 - ultrawide resolutions

During the tests, players also discovered something that could prove to be a big problem.

  1. In addition to the standard 16:9 resolutions, Diablo IV supports ultra widescreen 21:9.
  2. The glitch is that the teleportation ability enables you to move anywhere within the screen, so those with ultrawide monitors (or those without, who force such a resolution by accepting the blank bars top and bottom of the screen) have quite an advantage over the rest of the players.

This is well illustrated in the video below:

The open testing phase will start on March 24 at 5 p.m. CET and will last until March 27 (Monday) at 8 p.m.. If you want to learn more about these tests, please read our article with all the essential information.

Premiere of Diablo IV will take place on June 6, 2023. The game will debut simultaneously on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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Adrian Werner

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