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News video games 18 September 2017, 14:38

author: luckie

Divinity: Original Sin II selling twice as well as the first game

Larian Studio has a reason to be proud of Divinity: Original Sin II. The sequel is selling over twice as well as the previous game.

Released last week, Divinity: Original Sin II has quickly become Larian Studios’ biggest success. It has been four days since its launch on PC and the game is now in the hands of almost 350,000 players – the first Divinity: Original Sin sold 160,000 copies in an analogous time. And that’s only the number from Steam Spy; there is also We don’t know the exact sales from that platform, but Divinity: Original Sin II is currently number one best-selling title there, followed closely by two other editions of the game.

Ok, it’s true that the sales have been boosted by Kickstarter backers and Early Access players, but we can still talk about a success. Especially when you consider the fact that there are over 5,300 players’ reviews on Steam, 93% of which are positive.

And if the 300,000+ copies sold don’t impress you much, note that the highest number of Divinity: Original Sin II concurrent players has been 86,000. That score may be far from impressive when compared with such hits as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (1.3 million) or Dota 2 (close to 750,000), but it is far more than any other classic RPG. Comparatively, Pillars of Eternity – one of the latest big hits from Obsidian Entertainment – saw only 30,000 concurrent players, while the first Divinity: Original Sin fewer than 22,000.

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