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News video games 02 August 2017, 15:45

author: luckie

Divinity: Original Sin II split-screen co-op, controller support and skill crafting discussed

Are you impatiently waiting for the next incarnation in the successful classic RPG series Divinity? If so, you will devour this handful of new details about Divinity: Original Sin II, straight from Larian Studios.

Larian Studios has released another Kickstarter update, in which they talk about some new features coming to Divinity: Original Sin II, the sequel to its successful classic RPG from 2014. One of the new things that the developers mention in the video is the split-screen co-op. That will enable cooperative gameplay for up to four people, playing on two connected PCs (split-screen). What’s also interesting, the second player will be using a controller, which may pave the way for the console versions in the future (not yet announced).

Another big novelty is the skill crafting mechanics. As an example of that, the dev proposed an interesting combination of a necromancy and fire spell, which results in a new ability: Corpse Explosion. Fans of crafting will also be able to create and upgrade runes, which can then be used to boost some gear. Besides, the so-called Source Skills will allow your character to talk to ghosts or even suck their power. Last but not least (O.K. this time maybe it is the least), characters’ deaths will be more spectacular thanks to the use of rag doll physics and better animations.

Divinity: Original Sin II is scheduled to launch on PC on September 14, 2017.

Last update: 2017-08-02

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