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News video games 09 March 2021, 14:08

author: Adrian Werner

Modders Prepare Improved Tutorial for New Dota 2 Players

Dota 2 fans have decided to create a new tutorial for the game to replace the official one, considered to be useless. For this purpose, they have already raised over $26,000 to pay the modders.

  • The default tutorial for Dota 2 sucks;
  • Fans are expecting a large influx of new players following the release of the animated series on Netflix;
  • They want to create a mod that acts as a new tutorial for the newcomers;
  • There is not much time to create the mod, so the organizers decided to hire modders;
  • More than $26,000 has already been raised for this purpose;
  • The new tutorial will not be updated in the future. It is created solely to make it easier for the community to cope with the influx of new players that the animated series will cause.

Dota 2 is one of the most popular PC games, but it is not an accessible title for newcomers. The tutorial available in this MOBA is almost useless, so a group of fans decided to develop their own tutorial in the form of a mod. The project will require a lot of work and must be finished quickly, so the organizers have raised more than $26,000 to pay the modders.

The uselessness of the game's default tutorial is best reflected by the fact that its latest version starts with the purchase of the item called Stout Shield, which was removed from Dota 2 barely three weeks after the tutorial's release. This MOBA game is changing all the time and the in-game introduction has long since fallen behind. Newcomers cope by watching videos of popular players and reading other tutorials, but the organizers of the fundraiser for the mod believe that something more is needed. All because of the upcoming animated adaptation from Netflix.

The premiere of The Witcher series on this streaming service caused the activity figures of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Steam to more than double. DOTA: Dragon's Blood is an animated series, so the effect probably won't be that big, but still, after the production debuts on Netflix on March 25, this year, one can expect a large influx of new players to Dota 2. It would be better for the entire community of this MOBA to welcome them with a useful tutorial.

Interestingly, the organizers do not plan to constantly update it. They admit that the game changes so often that it would cost too much and a crowdfunding campaign is unlikely to raise such funds. They just want to develop a decent tutorial for the current version of Dota 2 so that the influx of rookies attracted by Netflix's animated series goes smoothly.

The cartoon's release is just over two weeks away. That's why, in order to make it in time, the modders have to crunch hard. It's hard to expect such dedication from them for free, which is why the popular streamer SirActionSlacks, who leads the project, wants to pay them for the effort. A fundraiser was organized on Indiegogo. Currently, the counter shows over 26 thousand dollars, while the minimum goal was set at 10 thousand.

Work on the mod is already in progress. The demo of the first two chapters should be released within the next two weeks. However, for the project to have a chance of success, the creators need Valve's help. The mod will be available as part of the Custom Game option in Dota 2, but it is unlocked only after the user plays a certain number of battles. So the organizers are hoping that the developers will make an exception for their tutorial and contacted them about it.

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