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News video games 20 March 2021, 19:07

author: Paul Musiolik

New Concept Art From Dragon Age 4 Hints at Setting

A concept art from Dragon Age IV published on Twitter by Christian Dailey caused quite a stir among the community. What's important to us, though, is that it suggests a possible setting of the game.

  1. Dragon Age IV's executive producer has posted a new concept art;
  2. The answer of the creative director hints at the possible setting of BioWare's game.

We're at least a dozen months away from the release of Dragon Age IV (the release is announced for 2022 at the earliest), so people who are waiting for the title have to be satisfied with any scrap of new materials, which BioWare publishes from time to time.

Christian Dailey, who works as executive producer on Dragon Age IV, tweeted a concept art depicting the mage of the Tevinter Empire. It's not much, but it was enough to get a bunch of fans of the series very excited, to put it mildly, on social media.

The only comment worth noting is a post by Matthew Goldman (creative director of Dragon Age IV), who wrote "Meet me in Minrathous". This city is the capital of the Tevinter Empire, which may directly suggest that it will be an important location in the upcoming game.

As it was already mentioned, Dragon Age 4 won't be released until 2022 at the earliest. Fans of the series can look to the future with moderate optimism after reports surfaced that the game will be a full-fledged single-player RPG, without the online elements known from GaaS (games as a service) model.

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