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News video games 23 August 2023, 14:47

Players Reached Elden Ring's Most Popular Ending the Wrong Way

The most popular ending in Elden Ring is also the most complicated one. Interestingly, a large part of the players who reached it did not do it the right way.

Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Although there are a total of six different endings in Elden Ring, four of them are variations on the theme of becoming an Elden Lord, and for reaching any of them you earn the same "achivment" - Elden Lord. The other two also earn trophies - Lord of Frenzied Flame and Age of the Stars.

The latter ending is a particularly interesting case, because although it requires the completion of a series of interrelated and often non-obvious tasks, it is the Age of the Stars is the one that players achieve most often.. You will find detailed data in the table below.

Ending / Platform

PC (Steam)

PS4 / PS5

XOne and XSX/S

Star Century


24,6% / 24,3%


Elden Lord


20,1% / 20,2%


Lord of the Mad Flame


14,7% / 15,2%


Interestingly, however, a sizable number of players - including yours truly - admit that they did not complete the aforementioned sequence of quests in the correct order. The correct one was demonstrated by Michael "VaatiVidya" Samuels in his latest video (below) - the footage lasts more than an hour.

I recommend watching it both for the great narration and the stunning visuals. However, if you haven't yet completed Elden Ring, beware of spoilers.

Despite spending several hundred hours with the game, I have never completed the tasks leading to the completion of Age of the Stars in the order presented by Vaati - and it must be said that it is a cause-and-effect sequence, one element of which logically follows from another.

  1. I may have missed it because some of the quests are optional (e.g., the hunt with Blaidd for Darriwil), and skipping them does not close the further path.
  2. An additional reason may have been that I went to the Wounded Witch multiple times as part of a completely different quest, related to one of the four endings rewarded with the Elden Lord (Age of Duskborn) achievement.

It is comforting to know that I am not alone in this. Under the video you can find a comment from an Internet user nicknamed thebigshep954, who wrote:

"My favorite moment of this video was discovering that I never completed this sequence of tasks in the right order."

Players Reached Elden Rings Most Popular Ending the Wrong Way - picture #1

Source: YouTube.

Both the comments that appeared under this post and more than 3.3 thousand "thumbs up", which it received, indicate that a ton of players did not complete these quests in the order presented by VaatiVidya.

Of course, this could be countered with the argument that in that case the correct order does not exist, that the players have complete freedom. However, the above video is proof that there is a certain order in these quests - it's just that the developers at fromSoftware did not impose it on us as the developers of other RPGs do. This enables each player to experience their own story, slightly different from the rest.

Hubert Sledziewski

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