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News video games 18 July 2019, 00:11

author: Michael Kulakowski

EVE Online Devs Prepare 10,000-player Battle in a Guinness Record Attempt

The developers of EVE Online and Hadean have announced that they will be organizing another huge space battle in the Aether Wars tech demo, in which up to 10 thousand players can participate. If you are interested in taking part in an event that has a chance to break a Guinness record, you can sign up on special website.

EVE Online MMO is famous for its spectacular social events and great space battles. It is the production of the Icelandic studio CCP Games that proudly holds the Guinness record for the biggest number of players taking part in an online battle - 6142. Unfortunately, with such a number of people it was difficult to talk about comfortable fun, because the servers were brought to their limits. That's why CCP has been working together with Hadean, a London-based company, to improve its online architecture. The effect of this partnership is also the Aether Wars project. It's a tech demo that tests Hadean's networking solutions, allowing up to ten thousand players to fight each other at the same time. Developers have just announced its second testing phase, which will start on Sunday, August 18, at 9 AM PST. Those willing to take part in this unique space deathmatch can sign up on a special website.

The first phase of Aether Wars testing took place during this year's GDC 2019 conference at the end of March. 3852 people took part in the test, destroying a total of almost 89 thousand spaceships. The demo is based on the online Aether Engine, which provides smooth fun for all deathmatch participants, while allowing for advanced object physics calculations. Players fight each other freely in real time. The gameplay model is the responsibility of CCP, which used this opportunity to test many of the team's ideas prepared with EVE Online in mind. The devs are counting on the presence of fans on August 18 and hope to beat the previously set record.

Anyone who signs up on the website and installs Aether Wars demo can take part in a chaotic skirmish of thousands of players.
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