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Apex Legends Season 2 Launches

Christian Pieniazek, 02 July 2019, 23:22

The second season of Apex Legends began, titled Electrifying Battle. The creators introduced numerous changes on the map, a new Legend, as well as ranking leagues and a new season pass.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Refused Will Play SAMURAI's Songs

Christian Pieniazek, 02 July 2019, 23:14

CD Projekt RED has announced that it has established cooperation with the Swedish band Refused. The task of this punk rock band is to play the songs of the group SAMURAI, which is very popular in the universe of Cyberpunk 2077.

GeForce RTX 2060 and 2070 Super Reviews

Bart Swiatek, 02 July 2019, 22:46

New Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 and 2070 Super GPU are being tested online. Are the new Nvidia GPUs good enough to challenge the competitive AMD Radeon RX 5000 Series?

Twisted Fate is the New Hero in Teamfight Tactics

Paul Wozniak, 02 July 2019, 22:30

A lot of new features appeared today in Teamfight Tactics. In addition to the announcement of the new hero, we have seen some minor changes in the balance of the game and received missions associated with the latest mode of LoL.

Forza Motorsport 7 - August Patch Ends Official Support for the Game

Bart Swiatek, 02 July 2019, 16:29

Turn 10 Studios has announced that Forza Motorsport 7 will receive its last update in August. The patch will introduce new mechanics to the game, thanks to which drivers can be disqualified. The game has been supported for almost two years.

GreedFall, New RPG From Spiders Gets a Release Date

Bart Swiatek, 02 July 2019, 16:25

Spiders revealed the release date of the RPG GreedFall. The title will debut on September 10 this year and will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Mordhau Will Enable Us to „Disable” Women? Tocixity Reports by Gamers

Bart Swiatek, 02 July 2019, 16:19

PCGamer reports that the online action game Mordhau has a serious problem with the toxicity of its community. Developers at Triternion say they're trying to improve the situation, but they don't want to censor players - instead they prefer to put control in their hands. However, some of their ideas are highly controversial.

Netflix is Making a Series Based on Sandman Comic Book Series

Milosz Szubert, 02 July 2019, 14:50

An eleven-episode series based on the iconic comic book series Sandman by Neil Gaiman will be created. This is possible thanks to the agreement between Warner Bros. and Netflix. It is supposed to be the most expensive TV production in the history of DC Entertainment.

Samsung's Deputy CEO Embarrassed by the Problems with Galaxy Fold

Conrad Hazi, 02 July 2019, 14:47

The first folding phone call from Samsung - Galaxy Fold - has been announced many months ago. However, the premiere has been postponed for a long time, and DJ Koh, the company's deputy CEO admitted that he was embarrassed by the situation and partly to blame.

Paradox Interactive: Traditional Video Game Profit Share is Scandalous

Bart Swiatek, 02 July 2019, 14:09

Fredrick Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive, believes that the traditional 70/30 distribution of profits between developers and owners of digital distribution platforms is scandalous and outdated. He believes that Epic Games Store is having a very positive impact on the industry. This opinion was shared by several other devs.

Devs: Better Pirate Games than Use G2A

Julia Dragovic, 02 July 2019, 13:39

Developers have just given us a written conscent. Download our games from the torrents instead of buying G2A keys - this is what Mike Rose from No More Robots and Rami Ismail from Vlambeer want the players to do.

Sony Wants to Buy New Developer Teams

Konrad Serafinski, 02 July 2019, 13:35

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan revealed that the company was thinking of buying new developer studios to create games for PlayStation 5. Does Sony intend to thumb its nose at Microsoft?

CDP RED is Working on Three Projects Related to Cyberpunk 2077

Adrian Werner, 02 July 2019, 12:58

CD Projekt informed that it has three teams working on cyberpunk projects. Among them, apart from the group dealing with Cyberpunk 2077 itself, there is the Wroclaw branch of the company creating a multiplayer mode for the title.

Stranger Things 3 Theme for Free on PS4

Konrad Serafinski, 02 July 2019, 12:42

PlayStation Store features a theme dedicated to the third season of Stranger Things. It's available for free download on PlayStation 4 and will be released in just two days.

Mike Pondsmith: Cyberpunk is Full of Politics

Julia Dragovic, 02 July 2019, 12:10

In 1988, Mike Pondsmith created the pen&paper base for Cyberpunk 2077, and in his latest interview for Video Games Chronicle told us why there is no escaping from politics, corporations, and difficult questions in the Cyberpunk universe.